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  1. melancholy
  2. entice
  3. casual
  4. persist
  5. puny
  1. a of less than normal strength or size; weak, sickly
  2. b sad, gloomy, unhappy
  3. c to attract, tempt
  4. d to continue steadily in a course of action; to last, remain
  5. e happening by chance or on an irregular basis; informal

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  1. lifelike, vivid, relating to the pictorial arts
  2. to make dry or thirsty; to shrivel wit heat
  3. horrible, revolting, ghastly
  4. a difficult or painful experience; trial
  5. to smother, prevent firm breathing; to hold back or choke off

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  1. ratifyto approve; confirm


  2. quibblea petty objection; raising minor objections


  3. accelerateto speed up, cause to move faster


  4. downtroddento wear away gradually, eat away


  5. flounderto thrash about in a clumsy or ineffective way


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