6_3_Part4_evaluating unit circle

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√2sec 45°1cot 45°√3/2sin 60°1/2cos 60°√3tan 60°2√3/3csc 60°2sec 60°√3/3cot 60°√3/2sin 120°-1/2cos 120°-√3tan 120°2√3/3csc 120°-2sec 120°-√3/3cot 120°√2/2sin 135°-√2/2cos 135°-1tan 135°√2csc 135°-√2sec 135°-1cot 135°1/2sin 150°-√3/2cos 150°-√3/3tan 150°2csc 150°-2√3/3sec 150°-√3cot 150°-1/2sin 210°-√3/2cos 210°√3/3tan 210°-2csc 210°-2√3/3sec 210°√3cot 210°-√2/2sin 225°-√2/2cos 225°1tan 225°-√2csc 225°-√2sec 225°1cot 225°-√3/2sin 240°-1/2cos 240°√3tan 240°-2√3/3csc 240°-2sec 240°√3cot 240°-√3/2sin 300°1/2cos 300°-√3tan 300°-2√3/3csc 300°2sec 300°-√3/3cot 300°-√2/2sin 315°√2/2cos 315°-1tan 315°-√2csc 315°√2sec 315°-1cot 315°-1/2sin 330°√3/2cos 330°-√3/3tan 330°-2csc 330°2√3/3sec 330°-√3cot 330°0sin 0°1cos 0°0tan 0°undefinedcsc 0°1sec 0°undefinedcot 0°1sin 90°0cos 90°undefinedtan 90°1csc 90°undefinedsec 90°0cot 90°0sin 180°-1cos 180°0tan 180°undefinedcsc 180°-1sec 180°undefinedcot 180°-1sin 270°0cos 270°undefinedtan 270°-1csc 270°undefinedsec 270°0cot 270°0sin 360°1cos 360°0tan 360°undefinedcsc 360°1sec 360°undefinedcot 360°