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the pilgrims and the puritans

who are fighting in the English Civil War in the 1640's?

the roundheads (puritans)

Which group of people always had the tophats?

frugal lifestyle (austerity), simple clothing, Protestant Christian values

What did the roundheads (puritans) focus on?

sophistication, good times, theatre, coffee shops

What did the Royalists focus on?

the Puritans

Who won the English Civil war?


in what year is Charles 1st executed?

Oliver Cromwell

Who takes over as a Puritan dictator?

theatre, coffee shops, horse racing and dog fighting

What 4 things did Oliver Cromwell ban?

cavaliers, comes from the French word coeval (horse)

What are the group of people that support Charles 2nd called?

they are lovers, they love women and poetry, theatre and arts

What do the cavaliers love?

time pity and fear

What are the 3 tricks of the carpe diem poems?

The Anglican church

What church was re-established after Oliver Cromwell dies?


What religion was outlawed?

His Catholic brother James, who transfers it to William and Mary

Who got the throne when Charles 2nd died?


What religion were WIllaim and Mary?

french furniture, they liked coffee houses, theatre, restaurants, card playing

What were some of the "haves" during the Revolution?

overcrowded tenenments, rats, lice, bedbugs, no doctors police or education

What were some of the "have nots" during the Revolution?

Augustan Age, Neoclassical age, Age of reason, Restoration, Enlightment

What are the 5 names of this era?

Antoine Lavoisier

Who discovered oxygen?

Sir Isaac Newton

Who discovered the theory of light and colour?

Alexander Pope

Who said "Nature and nature's laws lay hid in night; God said "Let Newton be" and all was light."?

Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift

Who were the superstars of satire?

it represents the church

what does the cross represent on the top of the Gates of Calais painting?

represents the family, monarchy, GOVERNMENT

what does the crest mean on the Gates of Calais painting?

they are prisoners of war

who are the Scottish people in the GOC painting?

it gives the men no nutrition, barely enough to keep them alive

what is the soup mairge in the GOC painting?

some people think the job of the church is to actually feed the people who are hungry, while others think it means to feed them the word of God

what do people think the job of the church is?


What religion is Ireland?


What religion is England?

you can't bear arms
you can't own a horse over 5 pounds
can't buy land
can't serve in the army
can't hold public office

what are the penal laws against the catholics?

folly - foolish
vice - corruption

what are vice and folly?

human institutions - government and businesses
if you want a good job, you have to be a good acrobat

what features of human instutitions in Swift satirizing?

a mock heroic poem

what type of poem is the rape of the lock?

the heroic couplet

what is the building block of the 18th century?

periphrasis: high - sounding circumlocution

abstraction ; man or wit (concept)

inverted sentences

iambic pentameter


masucline rhyme

what are 6 elements of the heroic couplet?

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