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that gravity is universal
Newton discovered
greater the gravitational force between them
According to Newton, the greater the masses of interacting objects, the
divides by 4 the gravitational force between them
According to Newton, doubling the distance between two interacting objects
500 N
What is the force of gravity on a 500-newton woman standing on the Earth's surface?
increase also
If the mass of the Earth somehow increased with no change in radius, your weight would
apparent weight for you
Inside a freely-falling elevator, there would be no
both inside and outside the Earth and throughout the entire universe
The Earth's gravitational field extends
in the same direction as the gravitational attraction
The direction of a gravitational field is
simply the remains of a giant star that has undergone gravitational collapse
A black hole is
toward the asteroid
An asteroid exerts a 360-N gravitational force on a nearby spacecraft. This force is directed
40 N
An asteroid exerts a 360-N gravitational force on a nearby spacecraft. If the spacecraft moves to a point 3 times as far from the center of the asteroid, the force will be
If your mass, the mass of the Earth, and the mass of everything in the solar system were twice as much as it is now, yet everything stayed the same size, your weight on Earth would
If the radius of the Earth somehow decreased with no change in mass, your weight would
decrease to one half your original weight
If the Earth's mass decreased to one-half its original mass with no change in radius, then your weight would
An object is placed exactly halfway between the Earth and moon. The object will fall toward the
almost as much as the shuttle's weight on the Earth's surface
The amount of gravitational force that acts on the space shuttle while in orbit is
100 N
A weight watcher who normally weighs 400 N stands on top of a very tall ladder so she is one Earth radius above the Earth's surface. How much would she weigh there?
Both forces are the same
A very massive object A and a less massive object B move toward each other under the influence of gravitation. Which force, if either, is greater?
Two objects move toward each other because of gravity. As the objects get closer and closer, the force between them
Two objects move toward each other because of gravity. As the objects get closer and closer, the acceleration of each
practically the same weight
The force of gravity acts on all apples on an apple tree. Some apples are twice as far from the ground as others. These twice-as-high apples, for the same mass, have
increases to four times as much
When the distance between two stars decreases by half, the force between them
Jupiter's radius is 10 times the Earth's radius
The planet Jupiter is about 300 times as massive as Earth, yet on its surface you would weigh only about 3 times as much. This is because
stand on a planet with a radius that is shrinking
The force of gravity acting on you will increase if you
apparent weight is zero
Inside a freely-falling runaway elevator, your
are in free fall and experience apparent weightlessness
Passengers in a high-flying jumbo jet feel their normal weight in flight, while passengers in the orbiting space shuttle do not. This is because passengers in the space shuttle are
always false
For the astronauts inside the orbiting space shuttle, there is no force of Earth gravity acting on them. This statement is
moon has a sufficient tangential speed
The reason the moon does not crash into the Earth is that the
surface escape velocity
The factor most directly responsible for making a black hole invisible is its
the same
If the sun collapsed to a black hole, the Earth's gravitational attraction to it would be
stay the same
The Earth is currently accelerating toward the sun (centripetal acceleration). If the sun collapsed into a black hole, this acceleration would
gravity will pull in a non-perpendicular direction as the block gets farther out on the plane
If a block is set sliding on a huge frictionless plane in contact with the Earth, it will NOT continue to move at constant speed because
remains the same
When a star collapses to form a black hole, its mass
Forget it; you can't travel far enough
How far must one travel to get away from the Earth's gravitational field?
you, the scale, and the Earth are freely falling around the sun
When you step on a weighing scale at noon, the Earth pulls you down and the overhead sun pulls you upward. The reason the sun's pull doesn't decrease your weight at noon is because
not change
If the sun somehow became twice as massive, your weight as normally measured here on earth would
buy at a high altitude and sell at a low altitude
A supplier wants to make a profit by buying metal by weight at one altitude and selling it at the same price per pound at another altitude. The supplier should
the moon
Which is most responsible for the ocean tides?
is greater on oceans closer to the moon and less on oceans farther from the moon
The main reason ocean tides exist is that the pull of the moon
unequal forces acting on different parts of a body
Tidal forces in general are the result of