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  1. bare
  2. philosophy
  3. cast
  4. sort
  5. bridge
  1. a 다리
    The old ?????? fell into the river.
  2. b 벌거벗은
    He likes to walk around in his ???? feet.
  3. c 분류하다
    What ???? of instrument do you want to learn to play?
  4. d 철학
    My ?????????? is `live and let live'
  5. e 던지다
    The fisherman ???? his line into the water.

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. 그물
    The boy caught butterflies in his ???.
  2. 묶여 있는
    The knots were too ????? to untie.
  3. 호흡
    You can't take a ?????? under water.
  4. 나뭇가지
    The monkey was hanging from a ?????? on the tree.
  5. 무게
    The little dog ????? exactly 3kgs.

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  1. dare~할 용기가 있다
    He ???? to jump out of the airplane and skydive.


  2. seed씨앗
    I planted the ???? in the dirt hoping that it would grow into a tree.


  3. whisper속삭이다
    We have to ??????? in the library so people can focus on reading.


  4. electronic전자의
    I like having ?????????? devices such as an MP3 player.


  5. pot분류하다
    What ???? of instrument do you want to learn to play?


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