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The Moral theory of development was proposed by

Lawrence Kohlberg

The Moral theory

States there are three levels of morality for people

The three levels of morality in the Morality theory

Premoral, Convention and Principled are (?)


First level of morality states that people will do something if the consequences for it are happy


Second level of morality where a person has a law and order mentality

In Conventional morality legal equals



Third level of morality for humans where a persons decisions are built on internalized ethical principals

Examples of people with a Principled morality

Jesus, MLK, Thoreau, Ali, Gandhi, Brown are (?)

Very few people have the

Third level of morality

Female Development Model was proposed by

Carol Gilligan

Level one of the Female Development Model

Individual Survival of the Female

Level two of the Female Development Model

Self sacrifice and focus on the needs of others

The third level of the Female Development Model

Equality, where are woman sees her needs as equal to a mans

Most of the world is at what level of the Female Development Model?

Level two, self sacrifice and focus on the needs of others

The Psychosocial theory was proposed by?

Erik Erikson

Psychosocial theory

There are 8 distinct stages which a person goes through in life

1rst stage of Psychosocial theory

From birth til age 1, trust vs mistrust

2nd stage of Psychosocial theory

Ages 1 to 3, Autonomy vs Shame

3rd stage of Psychosocial theory

Ages 3 to 5, Initiative vs Guilt

4th stage of Psychosocial theory

Ages 5 to 11, Industry vs. Inferiority

5th stage of Psychosocial theory

Ages 11 to 18, Identity vs Role..the stage of "identity crisis"

6th stage of Psychosocial theory

Ages 18 to 40, Intimacy vs. Isolation

7th stage of Psychosocial theory

Ages 40-64, Generativity vs. Stagnation

8th stage of Psychosocial theory

Ages 65 to Death, Integrity vs. Despair

Identity crisis stage according to Erikson

Psychosocial theory's 5th stage is what crisis stage?

submission =

shame =

Examples of traits

Shame, Trust, Industry, Inferiority, Integrity are examples of what?

Immature level of moral development

Premoral development

Morality applies questions to

A situation

Drive =

Initiative =

MLK and Jesus =

Examples of martyrs


Naturalist who refused to pay taxes as they woulld contribute to the Mexican American war

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