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Conceptual Physics - Chapter 6: Newton's 3rd Law

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Newton's Third Law (of Interaction)
For every action force, there is an equal and opposite reaction force.
Response of 2 forces: action force/reaction force
Forces occur in pairs, and the forces are equal and opposite.
The effects of the equal forces depend on the masses.
action, reaction
For every ____ *force*, there is an equal and opposite ____ forceforcery ____ *force*, there is an equal and opposite ____ *force*.
Wall pushes on person.
A person pushes on a wall. What's the reaction force?
air, gas
A person sends a rocket into space. It's able to escape the ____ on Earth because of the rocket's _____ to get past the atmosphere.
In space, a rocket ____ even though it has no propulsion.
If a bug hits a windshield of a car, is the action-reaction pair equal? (Yes/No)
Because of this property, if a bug hits a windshield of a car, the effects of the forces are not equal.
equal, opposite, bug
Considering the masses, if a bug hits the windshield of a car, the forces are ____ and ____, and when the bug hits the car's windshield, the ___ decelerates more.
Earth, greater, yours
On Earth, you can't see the gravitational force jumping up and down. This is because the mass of _____ is much ____ than _____.
interaction (= Newton's 3rd Law)
when things act or react (do something to) each other
making contact with different objects
response of 2 forces: action force/reaction force
equal to
If the person is walking at a constant velocity, the person is pulling on the cart and the cart is pulling on the person, the force on the cart is _____ _____ the force on the person.
50 N, force/tension, rope/string
What does this scale read? (Assume 50 = 50 N and that the left side is a hook.)
The scale measures _____ and it is read through the _____. Equal and opposite forces are being applied.

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