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Holocaust Vocabulary


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Expressed hostility to Jews as individuals, to Judaism as a religion, and to the Jewish people as a group.
A term used by the Nazis to mean a superior "master race" (blonde hair and blue eyes).
Ovens or furnaces where concentration camp inmates' gassed bodies were disposed of.
Concentration Camp
A place where those considered fit for heavy physical work were sent.
Displaced Persons
Term generally used for people who survived the concentration camps and were left homeless.
Extermination Camps
Began as an instrument of intimidation for political opponents of Nazism. Later became a standing weapon of terror.
Gas Chamber
A unit or room where ventilation was sealed so that death could be induced through the use of gas.
The deliberate and systematic destruction of a social, political, cultural, or religious group.
The secret police organization of Nazi Germany.
The walled-off section of a city to which Jews were restricted.
The Nazi Holocaust
The term that refers to the systematic, planned extermination of six million European Jews by the Nazis during World War II.
Name used to identify members of the German Fascist political movement which ruled Germany under Hitler.
The political system in Germany from 1933-1945. It was a totalitarian dictatorship based on the use of political terror as the means of maintaining control.
Nuremberg Race Laws
Legalized persecution.
The practice of oppressing or harming individuals or groups, especially for reasons of religion, politics, or race.
An attack on Jews by mobs of non-Jews.
Processing Camp
A place where a person who was not sent to a concentration camp was sent to be screened.
A person, group, or thing that bears the blame for the mistakes or crimes of others.