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  1. Neuron
  2. macrophage
  3. sensory neruon
  4. neurotransmitter
  5. midbrain
  1. a nerve cell
  2. b "big eater"; identifies and eats pathogens, calls for help if necessary
  3. c chemicals that carry impulses across teh synaptic cleft
  4. d relays information between spinal cord and forebrain; important in memory, emotion, and motivation
  5. e nerves that recieve signals from the environment; input (senses)

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  1. part of the nerve cell that is the location of the nucleus and organelles
  2. Part of the CNS that carries information toward and away from the brain.
  3. memory B and T cells fight pathogens so we don't get sick
  4. how the message travels through a nerve-- resting potential (nerve @ rest), action potential (nerve impulse), return to resting potential
  5. controls sensory processing and motor responses

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  1. anemiaartery that recieves oxygen rich blood from the left ventricle and sends it to the body


  2. left ventriclerecieves oxygen poor blood from the right atrium and pumps it to the lungs (throught the pulmonary artery)


  3. myelin sheathlipid by layer that insulates the axon and speeds up transmission


  4. Parts of the respiratory systemheart, blood vessels, blood


  5. red blood cells (RBCs)involved in the immune response