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  1. systolic
  2. right ventricle
  3. Third line of defense
  4. hemoglobin
  5. anemia
  1. a protein (IRON) on the RBCs that carries oxygen to and carbon dioxide away from the cells
  2. b recieves oxygen poor blood from the right atrium and pumps it to the lungs (throught the pulmonary artery)
  3. c RBCs have less hemoglobin so can carry less oxygen. This results in fatigue. treatment with iron rich foods (dark green veges, red meat...)
  4. d identifies and attacks a specific pathogen
  5. e pressure when ventricles are contracting

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  1. exchange of gas between blood and cells
  2. work against any pathogen
  3. combat one specific pathogen
  4. cells around the axon that produce myelin
  5. gab between an axon (one nerve) and the dendrite of the next nerve.

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  1. synapsepart of the nerve cell that carries information away from the cell body; one per nerve cell


  2. myelin sheathpart of the nerve cell that is the location of the nucleus and organelles


  3. right atriumrecieves oxygen poor blood from the body (through Vena Cava)


  4. Sensory divisiondivision of the PNS that recieves information from the external environment (senses)


  5. hindbrainrelays visual and auditory information; controls muscle coordination