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  1. parts of the circulatory system
  2. specific defenses
  3. neurotransmitter
  4. Third line of defense
  5. plasma
  1. a identifies and attacks a specific pathogen
  2. b heart, blood vessels, blood
  3. c combat one specific pathogen
  4. d part of the blood; water (mostly), nutrients, waste, hormones
  5. e chemicals that carry impulses across teh synaptic cleft

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  1. directily attack patogen by releasing digestive enzymes; "assassin"
  2. injection of dead/weakened VIRUSES so your body will produce memory B and T cells
  3. recieves oxygen poor blood from the right atrium and pumps it to the lungs (throught the pulmonary artery)
  4. involved in blood clotting
  5. how two neurons communicate

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  1. Sensory divisiondivision of the PNS that recieves information from the external environment (senses)


  2. Helper T cellactivated by the macrophage; then activates the B cells and killer T cells; "The General"


  3. left ventriclerecieves oxygen rich blood from the left atrium and pumps it to the body (through Aorta)


  4. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)transports nutrients, oxygen and waste to/from the cells


  5. nodes of ranvierchemicals that carry impulses across teh synaptic cleft