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  1. nodes of ranvier
  2. capillaries
  3. vaccination
  4. arteries
  5. Central Nervous System (CNS)
  1. a carry blood away from the heart
  2. b tiny vessles that allow for diffusion of nutrients, Oxygen, and waste at the alveoli and cells
  3. c Relay and process information; made of interneurons; brain and spinal cord
  4. d injection of dead/weakened VIRUSES so your body will produce memory B and T cells
  5. e gaps in the myelin sheath

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  1. produce specific antibodies that bind to the pathogen and disable it; "MP's"
  2. recieves oxygen rich blood from the left atrium and pumps it to the body (through Aorta)
  3. marker protein that can trigger an immune response; "name tag"
  4. work against any pathogen
  5. body responds to a harmless substance

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  1. diastolicpressure when the heart is at rest


  2. Motor divisiondivision of the PNS that allows the body to react to sensory information


  3. first line of defense"Keep the bad guys out!"; skin, mucus membranes, antimicrobial proteins (in sweat) ...


  4. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)transports gasses to and from the circulatory system


  5. midbrainrelays visual and auditory information; controls muscle coordination