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cranial nerves
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(12)-->are found on the underside of the brain originating from the brain stem and pass through the Magnum Foramen in the skull to the head, neck, and trunk. They are concerned mostly with carrying sensory input from the skin and sense organs of the Head and Neck and transporting/transmitting motor output to the muscles of these regions. Some cranial nerves are purely sensory, others are mixed. Cranial nerves are numbered using Roman Numerals and are typically named according to their primary function.
VIII Vestibulocochlear NerveBalance and hearingIX GlossopharyngealSwallowing and saliva production, posterior taste, carotid arteryX Vagus NervePharynx, Larynx, abdominal and thoracic viscera, parasympathetic digestive activity, heart activityXI Accessory NerveSternocleidomastoid and trapezius musclesXII Hypoglossal NerveTongue movements and sensationsNerves Pneumonic"OH OH OH, TO TOUCH AND FEEL VERY GOOD VELVET, OH!!!"