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  1. augur
  2. zealot
  3. vagary
  4. niggardly
  5. rapport
  1. a (n.) an unpredictable, erratic, or seemingly purposeless action, occurrence, or notion
  2. b (n.) a fanatical partisan; an ardent follower
  3. c (n.) a close and harmonious relationship
  4. d (n.) a prophet or seer
  5. e (adj.) stingy; meanly small or insufficient

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  1. (n.) undue or unreasonable fear, hatred, or contempt of foreigners or strangers or of what is foreign or strange
  2. (n.) one who plays the clown
  3. (v.) to predict, foreshadow
  4. (adj.) devoid of matter, substance, or meaning; lacking ideas or intelligence; purposeless
  5. (n.) excessive self-love; absorption in oneself

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  1. impinge(v.) to strike against or collide with violently; to encroach or obtrude upon; to make an impression upon


  2. utilitarian(adj.) stressing practically over other considerations; relating to the belief that what is good or desirable is determined purely by its usefulness


  3. apposite(n.) a close and harmonious relationship


  4. charisma(n.) the special personal magnetism that makes an individual exceptionally appealing to other people; a divinely bestowed gift or power


  5. labyrinth(n.) a bewildering maze; any confusing or complicated situation