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  1. niggardly
  2. debilitate
  3. bilk
  4. augur
  5. rapport
  1. a (v.) to make week feeble
  2. b (adj.) stingy; meanly small or insufficient
  3. c (v.) to defraud,cheat, or swindle; to evade payment of; to frustrate, thwart
  4. d (n.) a prophet or seer
  5. e (n.) a close and harmonious relationship

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  1. (n.) a fanatical partisan; an ardent follower
  2. (adj.) appropriate; suitable; apt
  3. (n.) one who plays the clown
  4. (adj.) utterly detestable, hateful, or abhorrent; extremely inferior
  5. (adj.) stressing practically over other considerations; relating to the belief that what is good or desirable is determined purely by its usefulness

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  1. pastiche(v.) to strike against or collide with violently; to encroach or obtrude upon; to make an impression upon


  2. zany(adj.) clownish or funny in a crazy, bizarre, or ludicrous way


  3. xenophobia(n.) a close and harmonious relationship


  4. vacuous(adj.) devoid of matter, substance, or meaning; lacking ideas or intelligence; purposeless


  5. vagary(n.) one who plays the clown