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Los quehaceres

Los quehaceres/las faenas
The house chores
poner la mesa
to set the table
pasar la aspiradora
to vaccum
lavar los platos
to wash the dishes
hacer la cama
to make the bed
to mop
To sweep
lavar la ropa
To wash the clothes
lavar el carro
to wash the car
cortar el césped
to mow the lawn
dar de comer al perro
to feed the dog
planchar la ropa
to iron the clothes
sacar la basura
To take out the trash
quitar o limpiar el polvo
to dust
preparar la comida
to prepare the food
to cook
ir al supermercado
to go to the supermarket (groceries shopping)
to do, to make
to put
ir a
to go to