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This is just the start of practice set up for students. More will be added or a part II.

Define pronoun.

a word that takes the place of a noun or pronoun(s).

Why do we use pronouns?

so that nouns are not repeated over and over in writing & speaking

When do problems occur with pronouns?

when we try to decide which form of pronoun to use --- Ex: when to use words me or I

3 cases of Pronouns

Subjective, Objective, & Possessive

root word of subjective?


root word of objective?


root word of possessive


2 Ways Subjective pronouns are used

1. subjects of sentences or clauses
2. follow linking verbs (predicate nominative)

List the Subjective Pronouns

I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they
*Note you listed twice --- 1st singular ---2nd plural

3 ways Objective Pronouns are used

1. direct objects
2. indirect objects
3. objects of prepositions

direct object.

Who or what receives the action of a verb

indirect object

Answers "to whom/what" after the action verb

prepositional phrase

A group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun Ex: in the box, in it

When are possessive pronouns used?

when you need to show possession or ownership

2 pronouns that are same in subjective & objective cases

you & it

What is a tip for determining which pronoun case you use with compound structures in sentences

drop the other noun or pronoun for a moment --- note: you may have to change the verb in some cases

In compound structures, where there is a noun & a pronoun, the _________ comes first.


Ex: of Sentence with Compound Structure using pronoun(s)

Bob and (I, me) travel often.
Sally took Bob and (he, him) to the movies.

What 2 words (that we have studied) are used to show Comparisons with pronouns

than & as

What is the tip for choosing the correct pronoun in Comparison sentences. Such as: Billy is taller than (I,me).

To mentally complete the sentence. Ex: Billy is taller than (I am or me am).

When do you use the word: it's?

as a contraction standing for it is ........
in sentences that you need it is

Possessive pronouns (do or do not) have apostrophes.

Do not ---- You wouldn't have her's.
In the following sentence: This purse is hers.

Following a linking verb, you use the ____________ case of pronoun


Ex. Sentence with a pronoun following a linking verb

The next person in line is she.

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