14 terms

Latin, God-Goddess Test

Greek- Aphrodite
(her son is cupid)
Roman- Venus
Role- Goddess of Love and Beauty

Symbol- clam shell, sea foam
Greek- Doinysus

Roman- Bacchus
Role- God of wine and revery/Party

Symbol- Grapes
Greek- Zeus

Roman- Jupiter
Role- King of Gods, earth and sky, thunderbolts, judge

Symbol- Eagle, Thunderbolt
Greek- Apollo
(he is twin-has twin brother)
Roman- Apollo
Role- Sun, music, sports

Symbol- Sun, bow and arrows
Greek- Poseiden

Roman- Neptune
Role- God of Sea, earthquakes, horses

Symbol- Trident, Horses
Greek- Hestia

Roman- Vesta
Role- Goddess of home and harth

Symbol- Eternal Flame (fire place)
Greek- Hermes

Roman- Mercury
Role- Messenger, travel, thievery

Symbol- Caduceus, helmet with wings, sandals with wings
Greek- Demeter

Roman- Ceres
Role- Goddess of harvest, and seasons

Symbol- Wheat Stalk
Greek- Ares

Roman- Mars
Role- God of War (battle and blood)

Symbol- Full body armor
Greek- Artemis
(has twin sister)
Roman- Diana
Role- Goddess of hunting, moon, forest animals

Symbol- Moon, bow and arrows, forest animals
Greek- Hera

Roman- Juno
Role- wife of Jupiter, Goddess of wealth and marriage, mom of many gods

Symbol- Peacock, Crown
Greek- Hades

Roman- Pluto
Role- God of underworld (infirni)

Symbol- Helmet of invisibility, 3 headed dog
Greek- Athena

Roman- Minerva
Role- Goddess of Wisdom, war strategy, weaving

Symbol- weaving
Greek- Hephaestus

Roman- Volcanus/ Volcan
Role- God of blacksmithing, forging, volcano's

Symbol-Fire, anvil