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Machiavelli's advice to rulers

be storng as a lion, shrewd as a fox, dont be concerned with morality, rather political effectivness

Machiavelli's advice to rulers

trick your enemies and your own ppl if it will work out the best for your ppl, appear honest, merciful, and true to your word, even where they are not

threats to Italian city states 1500s

French King invades Florence, medici Family decline, pope Matrin V moves papacy nback to Rome


Pope martin V wants to make ____ artistic capital


Michelangelo, virgin mary holding body of jesus,




solid pieve of marble, 16 ft, expreses better then any other work of the Renaissance , the belife in dignity and greatness


____ sculpted David after this return to Florence

Sistine Chapel

commision by Pope Julius II, 130ft x 44ft, Michelangelo painted for 3 years 300 figures, 5800 sft

"the last judgement"

altar piece at the Sistine

Leonardos illegitimacy

because of this, he taught himself to write, read, and think, writes left and right handed

German Art

realistic details, oil paints, everyday scens


Donatello, freestnading sculpture, nude, very feminine, feather caressing leg


feminine David

Dome of the Cathedral of Florence



"Healing of the cripple and the resurrectiom of Tibitha"

The Prince



served as a city diplomat, observed kings and princes, questioned why some rulers were successful and others not, gave advice to rulers, and views on human natures


"the world has many kings but only one _____"


apprenticed as a painter but turned to sculpting, Pieta, David, Sistine Chapel

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