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As the British Parliament in London discussed its 1764 ______, or plan for spending money, British leader George Greenville had a suggestion.

Sugar Act

This tax passed in 1764 added a tax on sugar and other goods coming into the colonies from other places.

Stamp Act

This tax placed a tax on newspapers, almanacs, pamphlets, all kinds of legal documents, insurance policies, licenses, and even playing cards.


The Colonists did not have a voice because they did not have any _________ in the British Parliament.


By accusing Henry of ________, they were saying that he was working against his government.


Many colonist began to _______, or refuse to buy any British goods.


Is an official statement, drawn up, listing the colonists' rights as British citizens.


The merchants urged Parliament to ______, or cancel, the Stamp Act.

Crispus Attucks

Many people considered him to be the first person to be killed in the struggle for American liberty.


This word means "the killing of a number of people who cannot defend themselves."

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