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Understanding Spreadsheet software, tour the excel 2007 window understand formulas Enter labels and values and use auto sum edit cell entries Enter and edit a simple formula switch worksheet views choose print options

Electronic Spreadsheet

Computer program that performs calculations and presents numeric data.


The workspace made up of columns and rows where you enter data to create an electronic spreadsheet is called________.


File extension xlsx.


When you use a worksheet to ask what if you are using_______.


A predesigned formmated file used to create a worksheet.

Name box

This displays the active cell address.

Formula Bar

Allows you to enter or edit data in a worksheet


The intersection of a column and a row

Cell Address

The unique location of a cell which is identified by the cordinates of the intersecting columns and rows

Cell Pointer

A dark rectangle that outlines the cell in which you are working is called a _______ ______.

Active cell

The cell you are currently working on is called the _______ ____.

Sheet Tabs

The __________ are located below the worksheet grid, this also allows you to switch from
sheet to sheet in a workbook.

Sheet Tab Scrolling Buttons

Allows you to navigate to additional sheet tabs

Scroll Bars

You can use the _________ _____ to move around in a document that is too large to fit on the screen at once.

Status Bar

Located at the bottom of the screen that displays a description of the active commands, or tasks in progress.

Mode Indicator

In the bottom left corner of the status bar this also provides additional information about certain tasks.


Selection of two or more cells is called ________.


Eqatuions in a worksheet are called _________.


_________ are entries that contatin text an numerical information not used in calculations.


________ are numbers formulas and functions that can be used in calculations.


A ________ is a built in formula.


The information necessary to calculate an awnser and other unique information


The changing of contents of an active cell at any time.

Insertion Point

The blinking vertical line that allows you to enter data.

Formula Prefix

Formulas in an excel worksheet with the = sign followed by cell address, rage names and values along with calculation operators.

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