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How long is your IRR time for under NAT ?2 yearsWhat program takes you from closed ratings to open ratings ?PRISE RWhat program are you never going to talk about because it is NO bad JOO JOO ?LRP Local Repayment Program ( " Not no but hell NO" )How much money do tthey give in the bad joo joo program ? ( LRP ) ?$65,000 dollars(" hell no !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words of a Senior No but Hell No) LRPLRP where are you trying to recruit from ?4 year colleges LRP ( Nope Nope Nope )How much college credits do you need for E2 ?24 college Credits (Jeff Gordon )How much college credits do you need for E3 ?48 college Credits (Jimmy Johnson )What program allows you to go together into recruit program ?" MY Buddy my buddy wherever I go he gos." BUDDY PROGRAMWhat are the stipulations of the buddy program ?No more than 4 , VE (Verbel Expersion) cannot be lower than 41 . BUDDY PROGRAMWhat program allows to come in at a higher pay grade based on your work experience ?DPEP ( Work Experience ) example 5.0What system do we use to manage our applicants ?Web R ToolsForm 680 is used for these three things ?Form 680 = ASVAB , Physical , Prescreen ( Med Read )What form is the the source document for recruiting?Form 1966 Source Document for recruitingWhat form is used to verify a birth verification ?Form 372 Birth VerficationWhat is a form 369 for ? " Doing Time "PRC or background CheckHow many hours in advance do you have to schedule somebody ?48 hrs in advance you have to schedule somebody .Which is the personal reference form ?Form 370 Character Reference " Roger Rabbit "What is the NAVCRUIT 1130/20 ?Form 1130/20 Gang affilation form asks if you ever been in a Gang . Did you answer this truthful?Which form release you from one reserve to another ?Form 368 Condtional Release Form one reserve to another .What test are you going to give to applicants after you do the blue print again in the interview?EST testWhat age do you have to be to join active duty?17-34 years old active duty to joinReserves to join is what age ?18-39 years old to join in the reservesTo go into active duty can you be a single parent an have custody of your child ?NO you have to surrender your custody as a single parent.Mandatory rejection if you have an unpaid spending ticket for $ 95.00 can you join the Navy ?$95.00 Un paid ticket NO you cannot join but if you pay it you can join.When does the Trans gender policy Change ?July 1 2017 Trans Gender Policy ChangesIf you test positive at MEPS for this what will stop you from joining any service ever again ?HIV & Drugs will stop you dead in your tracks for any Armed Forces at MEPS .Under what condition can a 17 year old join MEPS without a parents consent ?" Emacipation" to join MEPS without parents consent 17 years old must be married or divorced .If the parent is single 17 year dad out of the picture gets sent to the ?OOJ ( Theres a White Bronco headed North ) Dad out the picture sign this document sent up........................If the 17 yr old goes to boot camp what do they have to do before they graduate boot camp and time frame ?17 yrs old has to turn 18 years old graduate boot before the 60th day. Boot Camp 65 days long violates child labor law.Who does not me a requisite for a ward of the state ? Can a social worker do that ?Judge will sign for a ward of the state . NO the dam social worker cannot sign shake there hand tell them to move on .Lost social security card what can you use in place to verify the social security card ?SSA can be used in place to verify social security card.Dropped out Junior year and got 15 college credits what is the education code ?10 8 Dropped out Junior year got 15 college creditsGED is a tier I or tier II ?Tier II for GED need a 50 or above for ASVAB scoreIf your home school you require a what ASVAB score ?ASVAB score Home School 50 an aboveMust have how much of your high school completed to be considered a Senior ?70 % of High School or College completed to be considered a Senior.What Form is used to verify a 70% of High School completion as a Senior ?WILL GRAD Form education verification . 70% completion of High school Forms.If you have a bachelor's your education code is ?16K BachleorsIf Jody has one unborn Child how many dependants does he have?Equals 1 Dependant for un born Child for Jody .If Jody relinquishs custody from unborn child what does he still have to do to join U S NAVY _______________.Jody relinquishs custody from unborn child he has to still pays Child Support . Court Documents to show Child Support. Enlisted Financial Statement17 years old parent has to sign two forms what are they ?Form 1966 and 1137 for parents must sign to let 17 years old join U S NAVY .First restest on ASVAB how long?1 calendar month First ASVAB retestSecond Retest on ASVAB how long ?1 Calender Month Second ASVAB retestThird retest on ASVAB how long ?6 Months (aint never going to happen LOL)Parents first call to RTC to check on child is who ?PAO is the first call to RTC ( Never call RQT )Two articles a recruiter is held to is what and what ?Article 84 and article 92 UCMJ Recruiters held to articlesWhat conversation can you have with District Attorney or a Judge?" Informal Conversation " with District Attorney or Judge Don't talk about applicants specificallyRejected applicants who do they refer them to ?" Nobody " So no going to congressman etc. ( Recruiter take a breath .)If applicant is about to ship tomorrow an they go to court an have a speeding ticket can you go to court with them?" NO " Don't go with applicants to court for there violations .What uniform can you attend a NAACP etc?Dress Blues Uniform to attend any specialized meeting or NAACP .Whats the process for someone gang affiliated ?Gang affiliated have to do a CO interview. Must meet the BEERS requirements.How long can you miss goal ?2months you can meet goal you have to be inspected. OPS can grant the 1 time waiverIf someone is ineligible to join how are you going to let them know?Let them down nice an easy. Ask for Referrals . Inactive file . Place in Inactive File.