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Which of the following is an element of the informal organization?

a. values

Which of the following statements is true concerning change?

Global competition is the leading force driving change at work.

Power distance is:

d. the degree to which a culture accepts unequal distribution of power.

In organizational justice, distributive justice:

a. concerns the fairness of outcomes individuals receive.

Which of the following is not a basic proposition of interactional psychology?

. A person is changed by situations, rather than changing situations.

Type theory states that introverts:

c. have excellent social skills but prefer the internal world of ideas, thoughts, and concepts.

Identify the five major barriers to social perception.

c. selective perception, stereotyping, first-impression error, projection and self-fulfilling prophecies

Cognitive dissonance is caused by a conflict between:

b. attitudes and behavior.

The correspondence between attitudes and behaviors doesn't depend on:

d. selective perception.

Which of the following individual qualities is not required in ethical decision making?

Dependence on a supervisor to always tell you what is right.

Which of the following is a level of cognitive moral development?

a. the premoral level

Herzberg's hygiene factors relate to:

. both job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction.

The manifest needs as identified by McClelland include

achievement, affiliation, and power.

In studying motivational theories, we are learning that:

c. achievement is more of a motivator for Americans than for other nationalities.

Classical conditioning is:

modifying behavior so that a conditioned stimulus is paired with an unconditioned stimulus and elicits an unconditioned response.

________ results from inaccurate definition of the expected job performance.

b. Invalidity

5 A process of self-motivation and evaluations by a manager, peers, and possibly customers is known as?

b. 360 degree feedback

6 In attribution theory, a non-performing employee's internal attribution might include:

b. lack of commitment.

Silence as a response has:

b. value for the listener who needs to sort out thoughts.

3 Problem solving and decision making are often examples of

d. two-way communication.

Which of the following statements about barriers to communication is TRUE?

c. They include gender differences and language.

The most simplistic name for two or more people having common interests or objectives is a ________.

b. group

The "interpersonal glue" that helps work groups stay together is known as:

c. group cohesion.

Teams are very useful when:

b. the tasks are interrelated.

Responsibilities of a team leader, in contrast to a manager, include:

d. hands-on skills of direct involvement and full membership in the team.

Escalation of commitment:

is simply hanging on to a poor decision.

________ is a deterioration of mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment resulting from in-group pressures.

b. Groupthink

Which tactic is an American manager most likely to use when dealing with a tardy employee?

c. If you don't start reporting on time for work, I will have to cut your pay.

________ is the belief that one has the ability to do a job well.

b. Self-determination

The main difference between a leader and a manager is that:

leaders are advocates for change, and managers for the status quo.

On the Leadership Grid, a manager who has a medium concern for people and production is a(n):

b. organization man manager.

Which of the following ideas are associated with Fiedler's contingency theory?

Leaders are classified using an assessment tool called Least Preferred Coworker (LPC) scale.

According to the Situational Leadership model, a ________ style is characterized by high task behavior and high relationship behavior.

d. selling

Which of the following is one of the competencies that make up emotional intelligence?

a. empathy

A dynamic follower is one who:

b. practices self-management.

________ conflict occurs when a person experiences conflict among the multiple roles in his or her life.

c. Interrole

Which of the following statements best describes our understanding of the "avoidance approach" to conflict?

d. It is all right to use this approach when issues seem trivial.

6 In order to create a conflict-positive organization, there are many interrelated steps to follow. They include which of the following?

a. Empower employees to feel confident and skillful.

Scientific management emphasized:

b. work simplification.

Which of the following job core characteristics does NOT directly relate to meeting the needs of a critical psychological state?

c. rate of pay

The mechanics approach to job design emphasizes:

c. a lower chance of mental overload.

The idea of placing human consideration at the center of job design is called:

d. anthropocentric.

The characteristics which appropriately impact the design of an organization's design processes are known as:

b. contextual variables.

In comparing the organizational design needs of the small organization and the large organization, which of the following is a consideration for the small organization?

c. more centralization

In Perrow's study of the impact of technology on organization design, he considered all but which of the following elements?

d. The span of control in an organization as a whole.

6 There are several things that can assist a large organization to decentralize, including:

specialization of products/market/technology.

The most visible and accessible level of culture is:

c. artifacts.

Which statement is TRUE about espoused values?

. They are what members say they are.

Which one of the following is NOT one of the five major elements in a managing culture?

d. How well leaders know their employees.

Change and acquisition is:

a. when the newcomer begins to master the demands of the job.

It is the position of the authors, Nelson and Quick, that:

c. adapting, flexibility, and responsiveness are desirable hallmarks in change management.

Powerful external forces for change do not include:

d. bureaucratic guidelines.

5 Which of the following is NOT one of the steps in Lewin's change model?

a. freezing

Which of the following is true of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory?

Maslow believed that humans were creative beings seeking self-actualization.

All of the following are factors that are necessary in the communication process EXCEPT

A) trust

Job rotation is used primarily to

keep employees from getting bored

Which of the following is NOT thought to be a determinant of personality?

emotional intelligence

Which of the following is considered an unethical political tactic to gain power in an organization?

Playing territorial games

Information technology

All of the following disciplines have contributed to the foundations of the field of organizational behavior EXCEPT

What do denial, stereotyping, and projection have in common?

They are all ways to deal with sensory information

The office grapevine is an example of

information communication

The following are true about making good business decisions EXCEPT

an estimated 20 percent of decisions made in organizations fail

What is considered a standard response for routine problems?

programmed decision

A manager trying to motivate an employee should

give ample feedback

A manager trying to motivate an employee should

By observing leaders and socialization

Which of the following is the least effective method of influencing others?

coalition formation

cross functional teams are

used most often for the purpose of product development

decision criteria are used to

evaluate alternatives

Who developed the situational leadership model?

Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard

What is the trend in work space design?

Creating public spaces for employees to use for various purposes

The question "To whom do you go to for information about what's going on?" is commonly asked

during a social network analysis

Employees resist change most often because of the

fear of an adverse outcome

What is a common result of information overload?

increased work stress

Which of the following is true of heuristics?

Heuristics lead to biases in judgment.

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Bill is a thinking-type. When reviewing a vendor proposal with his boss, he will most likely

express his opinion

Which of the following is true about gender differences in leadership?

It is difficult to judge the truth about stereotypes of gender differences.

According to Kolb's Learning Style Type, which of the following describes the accommodative learning style?

Concrete experience, active experimentation, adaptive

Power granted to a person by an organization is an example of

position power

What is a dependent variable?

The factor that an experiment or hypothesis tries to explain or predict that is affected by some other factor

Which of the following is NOT true about stress?

Women respond more intensely to stress than men and have a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

Which of the following statements accurately describes situational leadership?

There is no one best way to influence group members.

A mechanistic organization

emphasizes specialization and control

Which of the following is true about job enrichment?

It increases employee responsibility.

Which is a major contributing factor to the transformational leader?


The most important challenge facing the field of organizational behavior is

managing workforce diversity

Which of the following has become a significant source of workplace conflict?

rudeness and incivility

Empowerment is a strategy focused on improving all of the following EXCEPT


What is an organigraph?

A map that gives an overview of a company's functions and the way people organize themselves at work

Which of the following statements is true about Herzberg's two-factor theory?

Intrinsic factors are related to job satisfaction.

Accounting firms, consulting firms, and hospitals are examples of

professional bureaucracies

Which of the following is a difference between men's and women's communication styles?

Women prefer to communicate to build rapport, and men use communication to display knowledge and skill.

Being "in the zone" is also known as

the experience of flow

Which of the following is true about Total Quality Management (TQM)?

Relies on bottom-up, participative decision making in planning and execution

A leader with Machiavellian tendencies would likely

manipulate others for his or her personal gain

Which of the following statements accurately describes Vroom's expectancy theory?

It is one of the most widely accepted theories of motivation.

Advances in information technology have

increased access to information and made delayering possible

What type of power will help a leader establish a power base?

Power as an expert

What is the relationship between stress and job performance?

Moderate stress correlates with high performance.

Outsourcing means that a company

hires other companies to do some of its work

What is an affinity group?

An employee-involvement group made up of professional-level workers

The only way a person can influence someone else is to


Which is true about flat organization structures?

Customer problems can be solved quickly.

A person with a high achievement need

prefers tasks of intermediate difficulty

What differentiates a team from a group?

Shared versus individual accountability

Reinforcement theory

has operant conditioning at its foundation

Determining the tasks to be done, who should do them, and who reports to whom is an example of which management function?


Which of the following statements is true about group dynamics?

Groups go through predictable stages to become productive.

According to the triarchic theory of intelligence,

wisdom, street smarts, and common sense are important factors of intelligence

As a rule of thumb, in the absence of information, what do many employees do?

Create and spread rumors

Which of the following describes people with a directive style of decision making?

Has a low tolerance for ambiguity and seeks rationality

The following are all conditions that favor social learning EXCEPT

need for power

Which of the following is true about virtual teams?

They benefit companies that are spread out in a wide geographic area.

The contingency approach to organization design affirms that

organizations are more effective when they are structured to fit the situational demand

Which of the following is true about employee recognition?

Employees welcome praise as much as a paycheck.

A strategy, or method, for increasing organizational effectiveness by bringing about planned change is called

organizational development

Nonverbal communication has the main purpose of

expressing the communicator's emotions behind the message

If an employee misperceives an event that occurs in the workplace, it is likely that he or she has

strong attitudes about that event

Which organization structure is best suited to leveraging specialization?


The nominal group technique is

a group decision-making approach that generates creative alternatives independently

According to the Holmes and Rahe "Social Adjustment Rating Scale," which of the following is considered the most stressful event?

Death of a spouse

Which of the following is NOT a technique to enhance creativity?

Forming homogeneous work groups

Which of the following is a disadvantage of a bureaucratic organizational structure?

Bureaucratic controls can suppress initiative and decision making at lower levels.

In order to build teamwork, a manager should avoid which of the following?

Supervising the group closely

Which of the following is an accurate description of Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

A person's EI predicts performance better than IQ.

Which of the following statements is true about organizational behavior?

Organizational behavior is a study of individuals, groups, and structure.

Openly discussing the worst-case possibilities of a situation is a way a company can

reduce the negative consequences of rumors

What does the P stand for in the equation B = ƒ(P x E)?


All of the following accurately describe Alderfer's ERG theory EXCEPT

Alderfer reworked Herzberg's theory to align with empirical research

According to the Leadership Grid®, which is the best leadership style?

Team management

According to equity theory model,

employee satisfaction is dependent on how fairly the employee believes he or she is treated in comparison to others

Who created the three-step model for change that includes unfreezing, movement, and refreezing?

Kurt Lewin

Leadership is the domain of which group of employees?

All employees

Which of the following is true about conflict?

Conflict can be both positive and negative.

Which of the following accurately describes organizational change?

Individuals' ability to learn to deal with change is a major part of managing change.

Cognitive style is determined by

how people gather and evaluate information

Groupthink is

likely to occur when the group values getting along more than getting things done

Experts predict that the predominant style of organization in the future will be


The 4I framework of a learning organization consists of intuiting, interpreting, integrating, and


Which of the following is the foundation of all organization cultures?

History of the company and its founders

What triggers the fight or flight response?


Process consultants wil

guide and coach on workflow, informal relationships, and communication

Which type of firm is likely to use a territorial departmentalization structure?

Large service firm

The Delphi technique is best suited for

decision making for groups that are difficult to bring physically together

What is cognitive dissonance?

When attitudes or beliefs held by a person are contradictory

A team member in the role of process observer contributes by

helping the group look at how it's functioning

According to attribution theory,

information on causation is gathered on three dimensions of behavior

Which of the following is a frequently used research method for organizational behavior?


Which of the following accurately describes social loafing?

It is also known as freeloading.

According to Myers-Briggs typology, a sensation-type individual is best described as someone who

prefers routine and order when gathering information

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