College Accounting Chapter 3

In a Hot Dog Stand the number of customers would be a cost driver. The number of buns used to serve the hot dogs to the customer would be considered a ______________ _______?
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Before ____________________ the accounting department compares the supplier's invoice, purchase order and receiving report.Paying Suppliers TBusinesses and suppliers develop good _________________ to improve quality.Working relationships TPurchase returns data, receiving goods data, and materials requisition data that would need to be collected by an _________________________________________Information system for the expenditure process T_______________________ contain the following information: Item number, quantity, description and price, date required and supervisor approval signature?Purchase Requisition T_____________________ is a legal contract between a business and a supplier?Purchase Order TOne person requests goods but a different person approves the request an an ________________________________ for the expenditure processExample of an Internal control TThe _______________________ is used by various business functions to communicate their needs to the purchasing managerPurchase Requisition TDetermine needs for goods and services is the ___________________________________.First activity in the expenditure process? TOrdering goods, receiving goods, paying suppliers are all part of the _________________________.Expenditure process T_____________________ includes tracking sales returns, tracking of customer support costs, and offering support before or after the sale.Customer Service TPrice quotes, amount of inventory ordered, delivery addresses would all be included in an accounting _________ _________.Information SystemWhen a customer pays with an outside __________ ________ a business is free from the risk of customers not paying them.Credit Card________ _______ _____ include provide products people need, receive payment for goods, and provide customer support.Revenue Process Goals_________ ________ is part of the of the Revenue Process.Customer Support_________ _________ activities include Receive orders, receive payments, and customer support.Revenue ProcessThe revenue process begins with the determination of ________ ________.Marketing Channels