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Fort Sumter

The Confederates wanted this because it controlled the entrance to Charleston Harbor.


This was the only border state to join the Confederacy.


The south thought they would get more weapons from this part of the world if they needed them.

guns and ammunition

The North had more of these things than did the South.

Jefferson Davis

This man was chosen President of the Confederacy.


This number of delegates from Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana met at the Montgomery Convention.


(true or false) Lincoln made direct threats of military force against the South concerning secession.


(true or false) Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas all seceded from the Union during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

Union Army

"the North, Yankees, the Blue, the Union" were all terms applied to this army during the Civil War.


(true or false) In the first few battles of the Civil War, men on both sides were not well trained, were regular citizens and were in the militias.


(true or false) Before the Civil War finally broke out, there had been many compromises and acts of Congress which came into existence to try to solve the problems between the North and the South.


(true or false) The President under the Confederate Constitution was elected for six years and was allowed to run for a second term.


(true or false) Members of the Confederate President's cabinet could also be members of Congress.


(true or false) The Confederate Constitution called for the end of the slave trade but not slavery.

April 12, 1861

This was the date that the Civil War began.

December 20, 1860

This was the date that South Carolina seceded from the Union.

January 9, 1861

This is the date that the ship called the "Star of the West" was sent to take reinforcements to Fort Sumter.


(true or false) President Buchanan did not consider the attact on the ship "Star of the West" as an act of war because no one was injured.

General P. T. Beauregard

This Confederate commander demanded that Fort Sumter be turned over to him. The Union commander refused to surrender.

four years

This is how long the Civil War lasted.

Major Robert Anderson

This Union officer was the commander of Fort Sumter.


(true or false) The Confederacy regarded the Union as a foreign country and they feared that the North would try to conquer the South.

"Johnny Rebs"

This is a slang term that was used as a title for the soldiers of the Confederate army.

Robert E. Lee

This man was asked by Lincoln to command the Union armies. He was a graduate of West Point Military Academy. He refused the command and became commander of the Confederate armies.

4 March 1861

This was the date that Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as the President of the United States.


(true or false) Under the Confederate Constitution, the powers of the central government were strictly limited.

border states

States in the middle between the North and South were called these.


(true or false) Protective tariffs were not allowed under the Confederate Constitution.

the Confederacy

The states that left the Union called themselves this.


(true or false) All of Lincoln's decisions would be guided by the fact that he would not peacefully allow a group of states to withdraw from the nation.

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