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  1. Sacred items of Ares
  2. Sacred items of Artemis
  3. Title of Poseidon
  4. parents of Hades
  5. Title of Hephaestus
  1. a vulture, dog
  2. b wheat
  3. c
    god of the Forge
  4. d
    god of the Sea
  5. e Cronus and Rhea

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  1. Queen of the gods
  2. Zeus and Hera

  3. god of Motion, Sleep and Dreams, Travellers, Theives
  4. Zeus and Dione
  5. Zeus and Hera

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  1. Roman name of AresMars


  2. Sacred items of Artemisstag, crecent moon, cypress


  3. parents of PoseidonZeus and Leto


  4. Title of Artemis
    goddess of the Moon, the Hunt, of Children


  5. parents of ZeusCronus and Rhea