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Comm, Chapter 15 Persuasion & Public Speaking: Having an Impact


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Types of persuasive speeches
Speech to inspire, Speech to convince/ proposition of values, Speech of action/ proposition of policy
Speech to inspire
influence listeners' feelings or motivation
Speech to convince/ proposition of values
influences listeners' beliefs or attitudes
Speech of action/ proposition of policy
Influence listeners' behavior and action
Audience Analysis
Fundamental task in persuasion. Learning enough about the listeners to predict their probable response to your message. (cater to audience)
Part of Audience Analysis is...
understanding relationship.
Understanding Relationship
How the audience feels about the presenter, before, after, and during the persuasive appeal
People tend to respond in how many ways?
Three ways people respond
Critical response, defensive response, compliance response
Critical Response
Audience focuses on argument, quality of evidence, and accuracy
Defensive Response
Audience fends off message to protect current beliefs, attitudes, and values. They have a wall. Acknowledge their feelings
Compliance Response
Audience does what is socially acceptable
Persuasive Strategies for all Audiences
Ethos, pathos, logos
Use authoritative & trustworthy sources to boost credibility, prove your knowledge & experience with topic (good credible sources)
Appeal to audience's emotion (baby with a cigarette)
Use evidence and reasoning to advance your claim. Use scientific studies and expert testimony
Expert testimony
Information from experts
Celebrity testimony
information from celebrities
Other Passive Strategies
Reasonable, logical arguments. Consistency. Small, gradual changes. Benefits. Need fulfilling. Expert testimony.
Reasonable, logical arguments
Avoid fallacies
Finding common ground and link how your promoted change is consistent with the audience
Small, gradual changes
Don't ask for too much to quickly or audience will like you and your proposal even less that at the start. Boomerang effect.
Consider cost to audience in time, money, commitment, energy, skill and talent
Need Fulfilling
Audiences are more likely to change behavior if change meets their needs. Tells parents "I need a phone" to call them after practice. Malows needs
Malows needs
Physiological, safety, love, esteem, self actualization