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parish priest

usually of peasant origin, had little formal education; served the smallest division of the church (the parish)


special ceremonies at which the participants received the grace of God to help them overcome the consequences of sin


managed a diocese, made up of a number of parishes


managed an archdiocese and had all of the powers of a bishop (on larger scale)


a group of counselors that advises the pope on legal and spiritual matters

medieval church

1. secular clergy- priests, bishop, pope; lived among ordinary people
2. regular clergy- monastics (monks and nuns); strict rules


the way of life in monasteries and convents


elected head of the Benedictine community; controlled and distributed all property

Christianity in Ireland and England

Ireland: arrived in the 400s; St. Patrick's missionary work
England: arrived in 597; St. Augustine's missionary work

Political role of Church

Popes had power over all monarchies (or at least claimed)

Canon law

Church's code of law


closed all churches of a certain region


a tribute to the church; 1/10th of a person's income


a bribe to be put in a high position in the church


the crime of holding a belief that goes against established doctrine


a search of heretics to eliminate heresy by the Church

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