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Treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo brought up issue of


The great political parties were

vital bonds of national unity

Politicians thought the best thing to do with the slavery issue was to

leave it alone

In 1848 the democrat's candidate was

Lewis Cass

Father of popular sovereignty

Lewis Cass

Popular sovereignty

rule by will of the people

The public liked the idea of popular sovereignty because

it accorded with democratic tradition of self determination

Politicians liked popular sovereignty because

it was a comfortable compromise between the antislavery bid for banning slavery and the south demands for protection of slavery

Poplar sovereignty turned the national issue into

a series of local issues

Determining slavery by popular sovereignty may have led to

the spread of slavery

The Whigs nominated _______ for the election of 1848

Zachary Taylor

The free soil party started because

the antislavery men in the north were suspicious of Cass and Taylor

The free soil party attracted

industrialists, democrats, anti-black, and conscience Whigs

The industrialists were drawn to the free soil party because

they were miffed by Polk's lower protective tariffs

The Democrats were drawn to the free soil party because

they were resentful of Polk only taking part of Oregon and yet all of Texas

The anti-blacks joined the free soil party because

they didn't want to share the new territories with the blacks

The free soil candidate of 1848 was

martin van buren

The free soil party _______ the Wilmot proviso


The free soil party advocated

federal aid for internal improvements and free government homesteads for settlers

The anti-blacks of the free soil party condemned slavery because

they destroyed the chances of free white workers to rise up from wage earning dependence to self-employment

During the election of 1848 the issues were ______ and the election was based on _____

pushed under the rug, personality

Taylor won the presidency mostly because he was


More money was earned in California by

providing services to the miners

The sudden influx of lawless miners and virtue less women led to

an outburst in crime

The outburst in crime in California led to

a state government

Why did California's petition to become a state create such chaos?

If they entered as free then the balance would be thrown off in the senate

How did the south fare in the 1850's?

Very well

What two states also wanted to be admitted as free?

New Mexico and Utah

In D.C. _____ was banned

the slave trade

Most slaves gained freedom by


The south was more upset about _____ than the outright theft

the moral judgments

The southern argument for slavery rested on

the constitution which protected slavery and the laws of congress which provided for slave catching

The south felt more a loss of ___ than ___

honor, property

The young guard of newcomers was more concerned with ______ and ______ than _______ and _______

purging and purifying, patching and preserving

How did President Taylor feel about the compromises?

He was against them

How did President/V.P. Fillmore feel about the compromises?

He was for them and gladly signed right away

Clays speeches in the north that increased their acceptance of compromise was strengthened by

a spirit of goodwill which came from a feeling of relief and an upsurge of prosperity enriched by the gold rush

How did the south feel about compromises?

They were opposed; they really wouldn't gain much from it

Who got the better deal in the compromise of 1850?

The north

Why did the north get the better deal?

California entered as free and tipped the senate balance in their favor, NM and UT would decide by popular sovereignty but were leaning toward free

The south wasn't happy because

Texas had land taken away and NM and UT were sure to become free and they lost equality in the senate, and slave trade was ended in D.C.

The only good thing the south got out of the compromise was

the fugitive slave law

How did the north feel about the fugitive slave law?

It was the worst of the compromises

What were the effects of the fugitive slave law?

It speeded up the timetable of the Underground Railroad, it infuriated northern mobs so they tried to rescue more slaves, northern states passed personal liberty laws, it awakened a spirit of antagonism in the north against the south

How did the south react to the North's reaction to the fugitive slave law?

They were upset that the north couldn't carry out on the South's one major gain from the compromise

As far as secession, from the South's standpoint

hey should have seceded

From the North's stand point regarding secession

they were better off if it was postponed

The postponement allowed the north to

grow in population and wealth and strengthen their moral will to fight for the union

The postponement ultimately allowed the north

to win the civil war

The democratic candidate of 1852 was

Franklin pierce

The wigs nominated ______ because in the past they had only won with

Winfield Scott, military leaders

The election of 1852 was an election of

personal attacks

The Whigs lost because

they were split between the north and south over their candidate

The free soil party nominated ____ in the election of 1852

john hale

____ won the election of 1852


The election of 1852 marked

the end of the Whig party and the end of the national parties and the start of sectional parties

What reinvigorated the spirit of manifest destiny?

The discovery of gold in California and the conquest over Mexico

The rush to the Sierra Nevada goldfields aroused concerns about

the fate of Central America

Why was Central America important?

Whoever controlled it would control the route between the pacific and Atlantic and therefore have sway over all maritime nations

British encroachment in Central America drove the U.S. and _____ to do what?

New Granada, make a treaty

The treaty between America and New Granada did what?

Guaranteed American right of transit across isthmus, Washington pledge to maintain neutrality of the route

This agreement between America and New Granada provided

the legal cover for Roosevelt to assert control over the Panama Canal Zone

The agreement between America and New Granada also led to

the construction of the first transcontinental railroad

Confrontation between the U.S. and Britain was avoided by

the Clayton Bulwer treaty

The Clayton Bulwer treaty stipulated

neither would fortify nor seek exclusive control over a future isthmian waterway

The south was interested in Central America because

the expansionists were looking for new slave territories

Cuba was a prospect for the south because

they already had slaves and it could be split into multiple states to restore the balance in the senate

The south tried to ____ Cuba ____ and what happened?

Seize, twice, second time many men of the best southern families shot and strangled

How did the south respond to the Cubans annihilation of the south?

They attacked the Spanish consulate in New Orleans

How did Spain react to the attack on their consulate?

They captured the American steamer black warrior

Why was it a good time for pierce to go to war with Spain?

The main European powers were involved in the Crimean war and would be unable to aid Spain

What made the U.S. a pacific power?

They had acquired California and Oregon

What was Caleb Cushing sent to do?

He was sent to open relations with China

Why was the Chinese eager to accept Cushing's offer?

They wanted to counter the meddlesome British

The treaty of wanghia was the

first formal diplomatic agreement between the U.S. and china

Extraterritoriality means

that U.S. citizens accused of crimes in china would be tried before American officials

What did relations with china open the door for?

American missionaries

What was included in the treaty of kanagawa?

Proper treatment of shipwrecked sailors, American coaling rights, and the establishment of consular relations

What was needed to make the acquisition of California and Oregon worthwhile?

Feasible land transportation

The only solution to the transportation problem was

a transcontinental railroad

Why did the north and south fight over where the railroad would be?

Wherever it started, that area would get the money, population increase, and influence

What did Secretary of War Jefferson Davis do to get the railroad in the south?

He appointed James Gadsden to Minister to Mexico and had him pay $10 million for a section of Mexico that the railroad would potentially pass through

Why did the south claim they should have the railroad?

The land was easier and it wouldn't have to pass through unorganized territory

How did the north react to the south's railroad claims?

They decided to organize the Nebraska territory

What did the Kansas Nebraska act involve?

Split the Nebraska territory into the two new states and repeal the Missouri compromise and the two states would decide slavery by popular sovereignty

Why was Stephen Douglas interested in a northern railroad?

He would personally gain from it because he had real-estate and railroad investments in Chicago which the train would pass through

How did the north and south react to the Kansas Nebraska act?

The south was for it and the north was against it because it could spread slavery

What did the Kansas Nebraska act do to the democrats?

It shattered the party and their last president was in 56 and then they didn't have one for 28 years

What was one durable offspring of the act?

The Republican Party which formed in the Wisconsin and consisted of Whigs, democrats, free soilers, know-nothings, and other foes of the act

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