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Computer Basics Combined Sets 1 - 5

This set combines the words from the Computer Basics sets 1 through 5. The part of speech for each term is given in the definition: (n) noun, (v) verb, and (adj) adjective.

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(n) a way of being able to get or use something; (v) to be able to get or use something
address bar
(n) a place near the top of a web browser window that displays the URL of the current webpage, or where you can type a new web address or search.
alt key
(n) a key that is used to change the work that another key does, if it is held down while you click another key
anti-virus software
(n) software for protecting your computer from viruses and malware
arrow keys
(n) 4 keys that move the cursor in a specified direction; also known as cursor movement keys
(n) to include a file like a picture or a document with an email message
(n) a file that is included with an email message
(n) a computer keyboard key that moves the cursor back one space
(n/v) to secretly include a second or more people in an email conversation (from the words "blind carbon copy")
(v) to make text on a computer appear darker
(n) the main part of an email message, containing the greeting, text, closing, signature, and any inserts or attachments
(n) to look at websites to find information
(n) software that lets your computer access the Internet; for example, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox
(n) a dot, checkmark, or box used in a list of words
(n) a graphic icon on a screen that can be clicked to perform a specific task
caps lock
(n) a computer keyboard key that makes all letters capital letters
case sensitive
(n) a login that can tell the difference between uppercase (capital) and lowercase (small) letters
(n/v) including a second or more people in an email conversation (from the words "carbon copy")
(v) to make the text be in the middle of the line
(v) to press quickly on the top of the mouse with your finger
(adj) describes videos that have text added so that you can read as well as listen
(n) the words above your signature in an email such as "Regards", "Cheers", or "Sincerely"
(v) to write or create something online
(v) to agree to the terms and conditions of something; to agree to share information; (n) agreeing to give permission to share information under certain specified terms and conditions
control key
(n) a key that is used with other keys for keyboard shortcuts
copy and paste
(v) to copy text or an image and then put it in another place, like a document
(v) to duplicate something on your screen
(n) something that gives you authority to do something; for example, the username and password that you use to sign in to a website
(n) the small blinking character that can be moved around on a computer screen with a mouse
(v) to remove text or image from the computer screen
cyber bullying
(n) any bullying that takes place online, by email, instant messaging, text messages, or web sites
(n) a keyboard key that removes the character to the right of the cursor
(n) your computer screen with the icons and links that you see when you log in
(n) an tool that you can use for online learning and work, including computers, tablets, smart phones, headsets, microphones, and webcams
digital citizenship
(n) navigating the digital world safely, responsibly, and ethically
digital etiquette
(n) the accepted or polite way to behave online; having good manners online
digital footprint
(n) the information about yourself that you leave online; what people can find out about you by googling your name
digital literacy
(n) "the ability to find, evaluate, use, share, and create content using information technologies and the internet" (This definition is from Cornell University.)
(adj) describes anything that is on a device, online, or that uses online tools
(n) a file that you typed in a program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs
(v) to press twice very quickly on the top left-hand corner of your mouse
(v) to move a file from the Internet to your computer
(n) a first try at writing something; (v) to write something the first time
drag and drop
(v) a way to move something from one place to another on a computer screen using the mouse
drop-down menu
(n) choices that appear when you click on a small arrow pointing down
(v) to check your writing for mistakes and make corrections
(n) a small image used to show emotion in informal email messages
escape key
(n) a keyboard key (ESC) that allows you to exit some programs or stop a program from loading
eye strain
(n) a tired and unpleasant feeling in your eyes; this can happen after staring at a computer screen for too long
(n) a place on a website with commonly-asked questions and their answers
(n) a single piece of digital information, like a Word document, a PDF document, a picture, a presentation, or an .mp3
find and replace
(v) a computer function that allows you to substitute characters or words in a document
(v) to ask the computer to search for a word in a document
flash drive
(n) a portable storage device for folders and files; also called a USB drive or a memory stick
(n) a place to store multiple files together online
(n) a set of characters (including letters and numbers) that all have the same design
(n) the way that a document, an email, or a website is organized; (v) to arrange or organize a document, email or website
function keys
(n) 12 keys at the top of the keyboard that do specific tasks
(n) what something like a program does; (v) to work in the right way
gear icon
(n) a button with an image of a cogwheel (a toothed wheel) that lets you adjust the settings in some programs
(n) the words that open an email; it often starts with "Dear" and is followed by the recipient's name
(v) to access computer data without permission
hamburger menu
(n) three horizontal lines that you click to open a list of options for a website
hard return
(n) to hit the enter key; in word processing, this creates a new paragraph
hard skills
(n) technical expertise and knowledge to do a particular task or job function
(n) a place to get assistance if you have questions about a computer program; often indicated by a question mark
(v) to mark something as important; in a document, this is often done in bright yellow
(v) to hold your mouse cursor over an image or text on the screen without actually
(n) words or an image that you click to go to another website or another place online; (v) to connect to another website or another place online
(n) an image or a symbol that represents a tool, a function, or a file
identity theft
(n) a crime when someone steals your personal information
(n) to use the Tab key to move the cursor to the right
(n) a visual image that gives information
(v) to add a picture to a document, a presentation, or the body of an email; (n) a picture or other file that is added to a document, a presentation, or the body of an email
intellectual property
(n) words, ideas, and images that someone has created and that they own
(v) to talk or do things with other people; to do things with a digital device
(adj) describes learning activities that requires active participation by at least one person plus another person or program or device
(n) a global network connecting millions of computers, people, and information; also called the world wide web (www)
IP address
(n) Internet Protocol; a number that identifies a computer and how and where it is connected to the internet
(n) Internet Service Provider; the company that you buy internet service from
(n) changing the font on a computer so that the letters all lean to the right; used for emphasis
(n) the part of device like a headphone that plugs into the port
keyboard shortcut
(n) pressing two or more keys to do something quickly on a computer
(n) the part of a computer or other electronic device that allows you to type letters, numbers, and symbols on the screen
(n) the important words that you use when looking for information in a search engine
left align
(v) to have a straight edge on the left side of text on a screen or in a document; the right side is uneven
(v) to press quickly on the top left-hand corner of your mouse
line spacing
(n) the amount of space that will appear between lines of text; usually single or double
log in
(v) to use your credentials (username and password) to get access to a website
log out
(v) to sign out of a website
(n) the place or the action of using your credentials (username and password) to get access to a website; usually spelled as one word
(n) a computer virus; a software program that can cause damage to your device
(n) the white space around the edges of a document
(v) to click on a button to make your page bigger, to fill most of your computer screen
(v) to click on a button on your screen to push your page to the bottom of the screen
mobile learning
(n) learning that happens on a cell phone
(n) the computer screen
(n) a tool used to move the cursor on the screen and to make choices; (v) to use the tool to move the cursor
(v) to find your way around a website
(n) the polite or acceptable way to behave online; from the words net (internet) and etiquette
(v) to connect with other people online or in person, so that you can support and
number lock
(n) a key that locks and unlocks the numeric keypad on the keyboard
numeric keypad
(n) numbered keys on the right side of the keyboard
(adj) when you are using your computer but not connected to the Internet
(adj) when you are using the Internet to do tasks on your computer
(v) to make a file accessible
operating system
(n) the main program in a computer that controls the way the computer works and that makes it possible for other programs to work
(n) to reveal too much personal information in any online platform
(n) a longer password that may contain spaces as well as numbers and symbols
(n) a secret word (or a mix of letters, numbers and symbols) that only you know and that allows you to log in to a computer or website
(n) emails that try to trick you into giving personal information online
(n) the stealing of intellectual property, like words or images
(n) the action of copying someone else's words, ideas, or images without saying that the words, ideas, or images are theirs
(v) to use someone else's words, ideas, or images without saying that the words, ideas, or images are theirs
(n) a small window, usually containing an advertisement, that appears on your computer screen
(n) the way in which your body is positioned when you are sitting or standing
print screen
(n) a keyboard key that takes a picture of everything that is displayed on your computer screen
(n) the ability to choose what information you share with other people
(n) information (words and maybe a picture) about yourself for a website that you belong to
(n) a list of instructions that does a specific task on a computer, like word processing; (v) to write instructions that tell a computer what to do
(v) to send your writing so it appears online, on a blog or other website
QWERTY keyboard
(n) the keyboard that is used in English-speaking countries, named for the first 6 letter keys on the top row
(n) the one receiving an email message
(n) a screen button that repeats the last action
(n) the formality or informality of a message like an email
(v) to start a computer program over again; to refresh a webpage
(v) to use a tool to change a particular word or phrase to something else in a document
(n) an answer to a post or comment made by someone else on a website; responding to an email; (v) to answer an email or write a response to a post or comment on a website
reply all
(v) to respond to the sender as well as everyone else who was cc'd on an email message
(n) a long narrow strip at the top of a computer program with icons and menus or actions, sometimes with tabs
(v) to press and release quickly on the top right-hand corner of your mouse
save as
(v) to save a second version of a document or file, usually with a different name
(v) to store data (like a document) to use later
(n) an attempt to trick someone online; a hoax; (v) to try to trick someone online
scroll bar
(n) a bar at the right side or bottom of the screen that allows you to move up and down or left and right in a document or a worksheet.
(v) to use the mouse wheel or the scroll bar (or your finger, on a touch device) to move the information on a computer screen up or down
search engine
(n) a website that searches for information on the Internet; for example, Google, Bing, and Yahoo
(v) to look for information on a website or in a document; often indicated by a magnifying glass icon
(v) to choose some text or a portion of your screen
(v) to click the button that instantly transmits an email message
(v) to allow someone access to your files, folders, or other information online
shift key
(n) a keyboard key used to make single capital letters or the symbols above the numbers.
(n) an alternative, shorter way of doing something
(n) your name at the bottom of an email message
Snipping Tool
(n) a Microsoft program that allows you to take and save a snip (an image) of any part of your computer screen
social media
(n) online websites and apps that allow you to connect with other people; examples are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
soft skills
(n) non-technical skills needed by most workers for success on the job; personal skills like honesty, punctuality, communication skills
space bar
(n) the long bar at the centre bottom of a keyboard that inserts a space between words and sentences
(n) a junk email message from an unknown sender; (v) to send unwanted email to someone
spell check
(n) a tool that checks to see if there are any spelling mistakes in an online document
(n) the topic of an email; this should be short and relevant
(v) to click a button to send information online
(v) to make your computer pointer (or cursor) move to a different area by using the Tab key, without pressing enter or using the mouse; (n) a second or additional page that can be opened in a web browser without closing the first window; a row of links to different websites or to different functions on a page
task bar
(n) a horizontal line along the bottom of a computer screen that shows the search box, pinned programs, all open programs, as well as the date and time
(n) words on a computer screen; (v) to send someone a written message using a smartphone
(n) the attitude of a writer that we understand from the words they choose
(n) anything used to perform a task; this can be a button, a program or a device
(n) a section of a computer screen (usually at the top of the screen) that has buttons and icons
transferable skills
(n) skills you can use in many different jobs
(v) to look at what is wrong with your device and try to find a solution
(n) a text style that puts a line under text as you type
(n) a button usually found in the top left-hand corner of a word-processing program that cancels or reverses the last command
(v) to move a file from your computer to the internet, usually to a website, an LMS, etc.
(n) a word, number, or email address that you use instead of your name to log onto a website
web browser
(n) software that lets your computer access the internet
(n) a box or a frame that contains what you see on your computer screen
word processing
(n) using software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create, edit, format, print and save text-based documents
word wrapping
(n) a feature in word-processing programs that automatically starts a new line when one line of text doesn't have any more space for words
(n) words per minute; how many words you can type in one minute
(adj) What You See Is What You Get; your text will look the same when you post it as it did when you typed it.