Glencoe World History 2008 Chapter 24 Content & Academic Vocabulary

20 terms by JonathanNM

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Glencoe World History 2008 Chapter 24 Content & Academic Vocabulary


a period of low economic activity and rising unemployment

Collective Bargaining

the right of unions to negotiate with employers over wages and hours

Deficit Spending

going into debt





Totalitarian State

the government aims to control the political, economic, social, intellectual, and cultural lives of its citizens


glorifies the state above the individual by emphasizing the need for a strong central government led by a dictatorial ruler


a system in which private farms were eliminated


having nothing that has been done or said in the past to compare to


channels or systems of communication


National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP)


people speaking Indo-European languages

Concentration Camps

prison camps


to demand as being necessary


to prevent or forbid


a picture made of a combination of photographs

Uncertainty Principle

the idea put forth by Heisenberg in 1927 that the behavior of subatomic particles is uncertain, suggesting that all of the physical laws governing the universe are based on uncertainty


an artistic movement that portrayed unconcious - fantasies, dreams, and even nightmares


the fitting together of parts to make a complete product


a pattern or general tendency

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