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  1. adulterate
  2. beguile
  3. amoral
  4. blanch
  5. affectation
  1. a lacking sense of right and wrong
  2. b to whiten, to make pale
  3. c to make impure; impure
  4. d to deceive; to charm; to enchant
  5. e a phony attitude; pose

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  1. to make dirty; to stain
  2. playful, teasing talk; to banter; to tease with playful talk
  3. to enlarge; to expand
  4. to overwhelm; to surround and attack
  5. an attraction to

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  1. bestiala noisy uproar; a scene of wild confusion


  2. adventitiousaccidental; nonessential


  3. blandishmentmild, tasteless, dull


  4. antipathyan intense dislike


  5. baroqueoverly decorated