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  1. affinity
  2. bauble
  3. bedlam
  4. banal
  5. bestial
  1. a common, ordinary
  2. b savage, brutal
  3. c an attraction to
  4. d a noisy uproar; a scene of wild confusion
  5. e a showy but useless thing

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  1. to enlarge; to expand
  2. to overwhelm; to surround and attack
  3. a shield; protection; sponsorship
  4. playful, teasing talk; to banter; to tease with playful talk
  5. to whiten, to make pale

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  1. blandishmentflattery


  2. affectationa phony attitude; pose


  3. baroquea showy but useless thing


  4. adroita shield; protection; sponsorship


  5. biliousopen to more than one interpretation


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