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Literature of the Revolution Exam Review
Who wrote "What is an American"
Michel-Guillaume-Saint-Jean de Crevecoeur
Who wrote "Speech in the Virginia Convention"
Patrick Henry
Who wrote "The Declaration of Independence"
Thomas Jefferson
Who wrote "Letter to Reverend Samson Occum"
Philis Wheatley
Who wrote "Letter to her Husband"
Abagail Adams
Who wrote "Lecture to a Missionary"
Red Jacket
Who wrote "Poor Richard's Almanack"
Benjamin Franklin
Who wrote "The Autobiography"
Benjamin Franklin
Name 3 facts about Michel-Guillaume-Saint-Jean de Crevecoeur
1) Was the first to offer the "melting pot" theory
2) Grew up in France, became a citizen of New York in 1765
3) Persecuted by both sides during war
Name 3 facts about Patrick Henry
1) Was elected to Virginia House of Burgesses as a lawyer
2) Used his attitude to start an armed rebellion against British rule
3) Famous for saying "Give me liberty or give me death"
Name 3 facts about Thomas Jefferson
1) He was a man of many talents (Renaissance Man)
2) Spoke out against slavery yet owned slaves his entire life
3) Died on July 4, 1826, 50th anniversary of Declaration of Independence
Name 3 facts about Philis Wheatley
1) Brought from Africa as a slave at the age of 7
2) Learned English in 16 months
3) Received her freedom in 1773 and began to work for antislavery movement
Name 3 facts about Abagail Adams
1) First of 2 women in our history to be both wife and mother to presidents
2) Send many well written letters to her husband during their 10 year seperation
3) Was an active supporter for women's rights
Name 3 facts about Red Jacket
1) A chief of the Iroquois's Seneca nation
2) Received his name "Red Jacket" after fighting in the American Revolution with the British
3) Strongly opposed efforts to convert the Iroquois to Christianity
Name 3 facts about
Name 3 facts about