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Ch 14 Satellite Motion vs

Conceptual Physics - Hewitt - Ch 14

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the curvature of the Earth.
The path of an Earth satellite follows...
a projectile moving fast enough to fall continually around Earth rather than into it.
8,000 m/sec
Earth's orbital speed
always moving perpendicular to gravity and parallel to Earth's surface at a constant speed
circular orbit
time for a complete orbit
For satellites close to earth this is 90 minutes.
two fixed points in an ellipse
a satellite in orbit around Earth that traces an oval shaped path
elliptical orbit
The sum of the KE and PE of a satellite is constant at all points along an orbit.
Energy conservation
point in a satellite's orbit farthest from the center of the Earth
the point in a satellite's orbit closest to the center of the Earth
the minimum speed necessary for an object to escape permanently from a gravitational field that holds it.
Earth: 11.2 km/sec
escape speed
be above Earth's atmosphere.
satellites orbit at least 150 km above the surface of the Earth to....
The force of gravity does work on a satellite in an __________ orbit.
Total energy
What remains constant for a satellite in elliptical orbit?