Ch 6 Study Words (AP10)

Pinckney's Treaty (1795)
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Washington's Farewell Address*Washington sets a precedent by not running for a 3rd term in office *Warns against permanent alliances, political parties and sectionalismXYZ Affair*French start seizing US merchant ships *US meet with 3 FR secret agents (X,Y,Z) *Bribe US to see FR foreign minister *US will not accept bribe *Begin undeclared (Quasi) war on FR shipsJohn Adams*1 term President of the US after Washington *Federalist Party *Same policies as Washington *Controversial acts passed are the Alien and Sedition Act and the Judiciary Act of 1801Alien Act*Passed by Adams and Federalist Congress *Lengthened citizenship requirements *President could deport any alien *Most aliens supported Dem/Rep partySedition Act*Passed by Adams and Federalist Congress *Made it illegal to criticize the government without absolute proof (violates 1st Amendment)KY and VA Resolutions*Jefferson and Madison's response to the Alien and Sedition Act *Believes states should be able to nullify national laws that don't apply to themNullification*A state's refusal to recognize an act of Congress that it considers unconstitutional *AKA States' rightsElection of 1800*Jefferson and Burr each received 73 votes in the Electoral College, so the House of Representatives had to decide the outcome. *The House chose Jefferson as President and Burr as Vice President after 36 votes with the help of Alexander HamiltonThomas Jefferson's Presidency*Peaceful transition of power *"We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists" *Favors farmers *Reduces tariffs, tax on whiskey and size of the military *"Mr. President"Midnight Justices*Judiciary Act of 1801 *Adams and Federalist Congress nominate and approve Federalists judges to prevent Jefferson from appointing Democratic Republicans on the last night of his presidency *legal, but not ethicalMarbury v. Madison*William Marbury is "midnight justice" for Wash. DC *James Madison doesn't deliver his appointment *Marbury sues Madison for the appointment *Supreme Court decides it can't make Madison deliver the appointment (Unconstitutional) *Marshall gives Supreme Court power of judicial reviewBurr v. Hamilton*Hamilton had cost Burr the presidential election of 1800 and foiled his chances to become governor of NY by exposing scheme for NY to secede the Union with other New England states *Burr kills Hamilton in a duel in Weehawken, NJJohn Marshall*Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for 34 years *Will make rulings that help strengthen the national governmentJudicial Review*Marbury v. Madison case *Supreme Court has authority to determine if state laws are constitutional or not *Establishing national governments superiority of the statesLouisiana Purchase*President Thomas Jefferson send Robert Livingston to buy New Orleans from Napoleon and France *He buys Louisiana Territory for $15 million *Doubles the size of our country *W boundary changes from MS River to Rocky MtnsLewis and Clark Expedition*1804-1806 - Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were commissioned by Jefferson to map and explore the Louisiana Purchase region. * It produced extensive maps of the area and recorded many scientific discoveries, greatly facilitating later settlement of the region and travel to the Pacific coast. *Carried Sacagawea as a guideHaitian Revolt* Toussaint L'Ouverture from, 1794 to 1804, led a revolt and gained Haiti's independence from FR *Made Napoleon give up on an American empire and made him willing to sell LouisianaEmbargo*Refuse to sell goods to certain countriesEmbargo Act of 1807*President Jefferson signed this into law in 1807. *This act restricted American trade with England and France to keep them from interfering with our shipping *Hurt us more than them *Jefferson loses popularityWar Hawks*American politicians that wanted to go to war with BR over the Chesapeake incident *Henry Clay (KY) and John C. Calhoun (SC) *Mainly from South and WestCauses of the War of 1812*BR interfering with our shipping for almost 20 years *Impressment of over 10,000 American sailors into the BR Navy *Belief that the BR were aiding Indian attacks on the frontier (S and W)Battle of Horseshoe Bend*Andrew Jackson and Cherokee Indians defeat the Red Stick Creeks in AL *Essentially ends the Indian wars in the S *Andrew Jackson gains notorietyTecumseh and the Prophet*Two Shawnee brothers, Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa, that welded a far-flung confederacy of all the tribes east of the Mississippi. *Tecumseh was killed in the Battle of the Thames. * The death of Tecumseh ended the hope of an Indian confederacy.Washington D.C. (War of 1812)*BR defeat Napoleon in Europe and turn their full attention to beating the US *Attack Washington, DC and burn the Capitol and White House *Dolly Madison saves many important portraits and documentsBattle of Fort McHenry*BR bombard the fort that protects Baltimore's harbor *BR can't take the fort *"Star Spangled Banner"Francis Scott Key*wrote the "Star Spangled Banner" while observing the Battle of Fort McHenryTreaty of Ghent*Ends the War of 1812 *BR doesn't want to fight any longer *Signed in EuropeBattle of New Orleans*Fought 2 weeks after Treaty of Ghent is signed (communications) *Andrew Jackson and 4500 American "soldiers" (Creoles, Pirates and Slaves) fight 10,000 BR soldiers that had defeated and captured Napoleon *Battle last 1 hour *US force BR into unorganized retreat *BR suffer 2036 casualties to the US 21Effects of the War of 1812*Increases Nationalism (love for country) *Begin industrialization *Andrew Jackson and William Henry Harrison become national heroes (will eventually become Presidents)