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  1. Theme
  2. Imitation
  3. Melody
  4. Joseph Haydn
  5. Pizzicato
  1. a Notes on a string instrument that are played by the player's fingers plucking the string instead of using the bow
  2. b Classical 1732-1809
  3. c A series of consecutive pitches that form a cohesive musical entity
  4. d A central melody in a musical work
  5. e Where the melody is immediately copied higher or lower in another part

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  1. Music in which one of more lines imitate one another for almost the entire work
  2. Performers improvise and play to show-off
  3. Using a bow for a stringed instrument
  4. 1824-1884, Czech-Bohemia, built national theater in Prague, criticized for sounding too much like Liszt, The Moldau river, emphatic-Furiant from The Bartered Bride
  5. (1) The higher, lighter male voice. (2) The line in a medieval motet that contains the phrases from Gregorian Chant

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  1. menoless


  2. Steve Reichphasing-Come Out, Clapping Music


  3. Piotr Tchaichovsky1840-1893, tragic life, studied with Balakiev but embraced European symphonic music, especially Mozart, famous pieces: Nutcracker Suite, Overture, six symphonies, violin concerto in D Major, Romeo and Juliet


  4. agitatoagitated


  5. prestovery quick