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  1. piano
  2. Drone
  3. poco
  4. Time Signature
  5. Glissando
  1. a The two numbers, one above the other, at the beginning of a piece or section of a longer work that indicate its metrical pattern and how it is notated
  2. b little
  3. c Sliding from one note to another
  4. d One note, held on or repeated in the bass.
  5. e soft

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  1. spirit, vigor
  2. Baroque 1678-1741
  3. An ensemble comprising wind and percussion instruments
  4. slowly
  5. 1824-1884, Czech-Bohemia, built national theater in Prague, criticized for sounding too much like Liszt, The Moldau river, emphatic-Furiant from The Bartered Bride

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  1. accentAnother melody above the main tune


  2. Chordophonemusical texture which focuses on a single melody with accompaning harmonies (mainly chordal)


  3. ModulationChanging the tonal center as the music progresses, usually without a break


  4. Compound timeThe beat is divided into groups of three pulses


  5. moderatoA large instrumental section of an instrumental composition