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  1. poco
  2. Mute
  3. Giuseppe Verdi
  4. pedal
  5. Time Signature
  1. a little
  2. b A device for muffling of dampening the sound of an instrument
  3. c note that repeats against changing harmony
  4. d 1813-1901, went from bottom to top from small opera houses to La Scala, Italian operatic tradition, worked with famous librettists-Otello
  5. e The two numbers, one above the other, at the beginning of a piece or section of a longer work that indicate its metrical pattern and how it is notated

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  1. Romantic 1819-1896
  2. The perceived highness of lowness of a musical sound
  3. single melodic line without supporting harmonies
  4. 1813-1883, opposed to traditional Italian opera, "music drama" (not drama), German Romantic Opera traditions, greater role for orchestra, supernatural plots, controversial writings about music and race, lietmotiv-Ring Cycle
  5. two or more parts weaved together as a musical texture (polyphonic)

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  1. CadenzaPerformers improvise and play to show-off


  2. Wolfgang Amadeus MozartClassical 1797-1828


  3. leggierolight


  4. CadenzaA section in which a soloist plays a free paraphrase on the themes of the work


  5. ChordThe simultaneous sounding of three or more pitches