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  1. Broken chord
  2. Octave
  3. Interval
  4. Major Scale
  5. grazioso
  1. a A series of seven different pitches within an octave, with half steps between the third and fourth steps and the seventh and eighth steps
  2. b The distance between two pitches
  3. c A pitch that has twice or half the frequency of vibrations of another; usually the two pitches have the same letter designation
  4. d The notes of a chord are played separately
  5. e graceful

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  1. Tone quality or color in music
  2. The music gradually becomes faster
  3. Any instrument that generates sound by vibrating a column of air
  4. gradually softer
  5. Slight, rapid fluctuations of pitch

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  1. gravesolemn


  2. George Frederic HandelThe music gradually becomes faster


  3. Legatowith freedom


  4. morendoOne note, held on or repeated in the bass.


  5. fortissimoloud


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