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  1. dolce
  2. Concert Music
  3. Ludwig Van Beethoven
  4. adagio
  5. Harmony
  1. a Music created for the intellectual and psychological satisfaction it provides
  2. b Classical/Romantic 1770-1827
  3. c sweetly
  4. d The simultaneous sounds of several pitches, usually in accompanying a melody
  5. e slow

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  1. A melodic or harmonic formula that gives a sense of phrase ending. In poetic usage, it sometimes refers to beat or tempo
  2. After one part starts to play or sing a melody, another part enters shortly afterwards with exactly the same melody
  3. gradually faster
  4. A group of simultaneous sounds that seems agreeable or restful
  5. Music intended for careful attention to its sounds and expressive qualities

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  1. Imitationin a singing style


  2. tuttiThe speed of the beats in a piece of music


  3. stringendoThe music gradually becomes quieter


  4. poco a pocolittle by little


  5. Antonio Vivaldi1841-1904, Czech, strongly ifluenced by Smetana-moved to U.S., famous works include Slavonic Danses, Symphony no. 9