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  1. Downbeat
  2. Broken chord
  3. cantabile
  4. forte
  5. Tonic Chord
  1. a The notes of a chord are played separately
  2. b in a singing style
  3. c loud
  4. d A chord built on the first degree of a major or minor scale
  5. e The first beat of a measure

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  1. quickly
  2. A melodic or harmonic formula that gives a sense of phrase ending. In poetic usage, it sometimes refers to beat or tempo
  3. Baroque 1685-1750
  4. The perceived highness of lowness of a musical sound
  5. gradually louder

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  1. poco a pocolittle by little


  2. Accelerandogradually getting slower


  3. Brassmotion


  4. Altomajestically


  5. contrapuntaltwo or more parts weaved together as a musical texture (polyphonic)