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  1. allargando
  2. adagio
  3. Ludwig Van Beethoven
  4. Octave
  5. Dissonance
  1. a A pitch that has twice or half the frequency of vibrations of another; usually the two pitches have the same letter designation
  2. b A group of simultaneous sounds that seems disagreeable or harsh
  3. c Classical/Romantic 1770-1827
  4. d slow
  5. e broadening

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  1. Work for solo instrument and orchestra
  2. lively / fast
  3. smooth, connected
  4. Any instrument that generates sound by vibrating a column of air
  5. very quick

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  1. tranquillotranquil


  2. Brasssolemn


  3. DiminuendoThe music gradually becomes quieter


  4. HomophonyThe texture consisting of a line of melody with accompaniment


  5. Johannes BrahmsRomantic 1833-1897