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  1. Canon
  2. mezzo forte
  3. Mute
  4. Dynamics
  5. George Frederic Handel
  1. a A device for muffling of dampening the sound of an instrument
  2. b The amount of loudness in music
  3. c moderately loud
  4. d After one part starts to play or sing a melody, another part enters shortly afterwards with exactly the same melody
  5. e Baroque 1685-1759

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  1. The speed of the beats in a piece of music
  2. 1797-1828, viennese closee circle of artistic friends, over 600 songs, chamber music, piano pieces, symphonies-Gretchen am Spinnrade
  3. 1824-1884, Czech-Bohemia, built national theater in Prague, criticized for sounding too much like Liszt, The Moldau river, emphatic-Furiant from The Bartered Bride
  4. same si
  5. gradually getting faster

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  1. ground bassgrand


  2. Johann Sebastian Bachlittle by little


  3. monophonicless


  4. fugueThe pattern or plan of a musical work


  5. rubatosmooth, connected