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  1. Motive
  2. Flutter tonguing
  3. Alto
  4. Imitation
  5. D.C.
  1. a A short musical idea that is a unifying element in a musical work
  2. b return to the begining
  3. c The lower, heavier female voice
  4. d The repetition of a theme in another part of line or a few beats later
  5. e A method of tonguing in which the player rolls the letter r

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  1. Baroque 1685-1759
  2. Work for solo instrument and orchestra
  3. dying away
  4. Notes of a chord played one after the other
  5. Notes which fall in pitch

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  1. Polyrhythmtwo or more parts weaved together as a musical texture (contrapuntal)


  2. accelerandogradually faster


  3. OrnamentDecorates a melody by adding extra notes


  4. semprealways


  5. AerophoneA percussion instrument other than a drum


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