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  1. Imitation
  2. Diminuendo
  3. sforzando
  4. Vincenzo Bellini
  5. Dynamics
  1. a The music gradually becomes quieter
  2. b heavily accented, with force
  3. c Where the melody is immediately copied higher or lower in another part
  4. d The amount of loudness in music
  5. e 1801-1835, master of bel canto opera, preferred serious/tragic plots, lyric intensity, vocal display (ornamentation), coloratura-Norma, Casta Diva

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  1. Music created for the intellectual and psychological satisfaction it provides
  2. 1813-1901, went from bottom to top from small opera houses to La Scala, Italian operatic tradition, worked with famous librettists-Otello
  3. detached
  4. little
  5. motion

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  1. Richard Wagnergradually getting slower


  2. allegroquickly


  3. graveOne note, held on or repeated in the bass.


  4. ConcertoWork for solo instrument and orchestra


  5. espressivoNotes of a chord played one after the other