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  1. Concerto
  2. Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  3. Imitation
  4. meno
  5. Drone
  1. a Where the melody is immediately copied higher or lower in another part
  2. b A multi-movement work consisting of music that contrasts a soloist with an orchestra or band
  3. c less
  4. d Romantic 1840-1893
  5. e One note, held on or repeated in the bass.

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  1. A large instrumental section of an instrumental composition
  2. The distance between two pitches
  3. The music gradually becomes quieter
  4. motion
  5. A percussion instrument other than a drum

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  1. crescendoSliding from one note to another


  2. PhraseA rather short, logical segment of music; it is comparable to a clause or phrase in language


  3. CrescendoA section in which a soloist plays a free paraphrase on the themes of the work


  4. graveA pitch that has twice or half the frequency of vibrations of another; usually the two pitches have the same letter designation


  5. vivacesolemn