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  1. Accelerando
  2. cantabile
  3. diatonic
  4. Bass
  5. Crescendo
  1. a notes belonging to the scale of the key you are in
  2. b The lower, heavier male voice
  3. c The music gradually becomes faster
  4. d The music should gradually become louder
  5. e in a singing style

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  1. same si
  2. playful
  3. The distance between a note and the nearest note with the same name
  4. quickly
  5. gradually getting slower

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  1. ConsonanceMusic in which one of more lines imitate one another for almost the entire work


  2. FormThe pattern or plan of a musical work


  3. Compound timeThe beat is divided into groups of three pulses


  4. George Frederic HandelBaroque 1685-1759


  5. tenutoThe notes are played or sung smoothly