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  1. Harmony
  2. Cadenza
  3. sempre
  4. Joseph Haydn
  5. Robert Schumann
  1. a 1810-1856, master of lieder, solo piano, chamber music, orchestral music-Carnaval
  2. b Classical 1732-1809
  3. c A section in which a soloist plays a free paraphrase on the themes of the work
  4. d always
  5. e The simultaneous sounds of several pitches, usually in accompanying a melody

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  1. with
  2. two or more different rhythms going along at the same time, strongly conflicting with each other
  3. 1810-1849, Rubato, solo piano pieces-mazurka, polonaise, impromtus, improvisatory in manner
  4. Two of more independent lines with melodic character occurring at the same time
  5. Another melody above the main tune

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  1. andanteplay note louder w/ emphasis


  2. BrassA family of instruments made from metal with a mouthpiece, e.g. trumpet and trombone


  3. Call-and-ResponseA melodic or harmonic formula that gives a sense of phrase ending. In poetic usage, it sometimes refers to beat or tempo


  4. Imitationmajestically


  5. decrescgradually softer


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