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  1. Meter
  2. allegro
  3. Richard Wagner
  4. Ascending
  5. polyphonic
  1. a quickly / cheerfully
  2. b Notes which rise in pitch
  3. c 1813-1883, opposed to traditional Italian opera, "music drama" (not drama), German Romantic Opera traditions, greater role for orchestra, supernatural plots, controversial writings about music and race, lietmotiv-Ring Cycle
  4. d The regular pattern of stressed and unstressed beats
  5. e two or more parts weaved together as a musical texture (contrapuntal)

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  1. Where the melody is immediately copied higher or lower in another part
  2. A series of pitches that proceeds upward of downward according to a prescribed pattern
  3. 1803-1869 studied composition at Paris conservatory, music critic, conductor, master of orchestration
  4. note that repeats against changing harmony
  5. with freedom

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  1. staccatoplay note short and detached


  2. Muteend


  3. fermataThe notes are played or sung smoothly


  4. ritardandobroadening


  5. Wind EnsembleAn ensemble comprising wind and percussion instruments