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  1. meno
  2. Dissonance
  3. polytonality
  4. crescendo
  5. fine
  1. a A group of simultaneous sounds that seems disagreeable or harsh
  2. b use of two or more keys played simultaneously, may have a melody in one key and supporting harmonies in another
  3. c less
  4. d gradually getting louder
  5. e end

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  1. The displacement of an accent so that it occurs where it is not normally expected or does not occur where it is expected
  2. Notes on a string instrument that are played by the player's fingers plucking the string instead of using the bow
  3. The texture consisting of a line of melody with accompaniment
  4. agitated
  5. A section in which a soloist plays a free paraphrase on the themes of the work

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  1. dolcesweetly


  2. Tonic ChordThe notes of a chord are played separately


  3. fortissimoThe pattern or plan of a musical work


  4. Antonin Dvorák1841-1904, Czech, strongly ifluenced by Smetana-moved to U.S., famous works include Slavonic Danses, Symphony no. 9


  5. Ludwig Van BeethovenWhere the melody is immediately copied higher or lower in another part