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  1. Decrescendo
  2. allegro
  3. Chord
  4. largo
  5. basso continuo
  1. a The music should gradually become softer
  2. b very slow
  3. c The simultaneous sounding of three or more pitches
  4. d quickly / cheerfully
  5. e continuous bass part, often with figures to indicate chords to be improvised on a harmony instrument

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  1. gradually getting faster
  2. Any instrument that generates sound by vibrating a column of air
  3. The speed of the beats in a piece of music
  4. more
  5. Slight, rapid fluctuations of pitch

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  1. ConcertoA multi-movement work consisting of music that contrasts a soloist with an orchestra or band


  2. Fryderyk Chopin1810-1849, Rubato, solo piano pieces-mazurka, polonaise, impromtus, improvisatory in manner


  3. polyphonictwo or more parts weaved together as a musical texture (contrapuntal)


  4. IntervalThe distance between a note and the nearest note with the same name


  5. Crescendogradually getting faster