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The key leaders during the Spanish Armada were __________ of Spain and ____________ of England
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Who were the supporters of Charles I and Parliament in the English Civil War?the Cavaliers and the Roundheads respectivelyWhat resulted from the English Civil War?The development of constitutional government in EnglandWhat side emerged victorious in the English Civil War?ParliamentWho was Charles II?King of England following the restoration of the monarchy after Cromwell's deathThe key battle of the English Civil War that ensured Parliamentary victory wasThe Battle of NasebyThe Seven Years War was fought primarily inEurope, North America and IndiaFredrick the Great was the ruler of _________ during the 7 Years WarPrussiaMaria Theresa led the nation of ________ against England and its allies during the 7 Years WarAustriaThe Spanish king who launched the Armanda against England wasPhillip IIThe Thirty Year's war was primarily fought inthe German statesSome historians consider the _______ _______ War to be the first world warSeven YearsWhat was Gustavus Adolphus, the king of Sweden's nickname?the "Lion of North"What was Louis XIV's famous quote regarding French Absolutism?"I am the State" or "I am France"