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  1. rabbi
  2. looter
  3. passion
  4. broke
  5. crush
  1. a lacking funds
  2. b spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation
  3. c temporary love of an adolescent
  4. d a feeling of strong sexual desire
  5. e someone who takes spoils or plunder (as in war)

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  1. to feel exhausted by something, e.g. homework
  2. silence (someone) by uttering 'shush!'
  3. to make a pass at a guy/girl; to hit on
  4. make too high an estimate of
  5. to mention

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  1. dentan impression in a surface (as made by a blow)


  2. weasela cunning, sneaky person; literally a small carnivorous mammal with short legs and elongated body and neck


  3. priesthoodthe body of ordained religious practitioners


  4. lesbianismfemale homosexuality


  5. trippingfreaking out as if on drugs