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Fertility Figure Venus of Willendorf​​​​​ 27,000 BCE
​Sumerian Writing Tablet​​​​​​ 4500 BCE
Illumination of First Crusade​​​​​​ 1096 CE
Canopic Jars for Pharaoh's internal organs ​​​​3000 BCE
Ramesses II Colossal Tomb Figures ​​​​​2700 BCE
Roman Bronze She-Wolf with Romulus and Remus ​​​50 BCE
Cycladic Harp Player ​​​​​​​2000 BCE
Minoan Krater with Lilies and geometric glaze ​​​​13th century BCE
​Mycenaean Death Mask, hammered gold ​​​​12th century BCE
Mycenaean Lion Gate ​​​​​​​1250 BCE
Greek Amphora of Achilles Killing the Amazon Queen Penthesiliea​ 530 BCE
Greek Bronze Zeus, missing Thunderbolt ​​​​​5th century BCE
​Greek Acropolis in modern times​​​​​ 5th century BCE
Wall Painting of Bulls Running in Lascaux, France ​​​10,000 BCE
​Etruscan Married Couple Sarcophagus found in Burial Mound​​ 6th century BCE
​Etruscan-inspired Roman Aqueduct​​​​​ 2nd century BCE
Roman Pantheon built by Marcus Agrippa​​​​ 1st century CE
Julius Caesar bust​​​​​​​died 44 BCE
​Emperor Marcus Aurelius Equestrian Statue​​​​ 161 - 180 CE
Pilgrims Traveling To Canterbury small painting​​​​ 1323 CE
Poet Lucretius wrote De Rerum Natura ​​​​​1st century CE
​Caravaggio's St. Jerome and Latin Bible ​​​​​16th century CE
​Emperor Justinian's San' Vitale Church in Ravenna​​​ 7th century CE
​Mosaic of Justinian I and Queen Theodora in San Vitale​​​6th century CE
​Reliquary Shrine of Charlemagne ​​​​​9th century CE
​Romanesque Aachen Cathedral​​​​​​ 9th century CE
​Les Trés Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (February) ​​​1412 CE
​English Bayeux Tapestry​​​​​​​ 12th century CE
​Irish Jewel Encrusted Prayer Book​​​​​ 9th century CE
​Fresco of Minoan Bull Leaping With Acrobats​​​​ 1450 BCE
​1st Gothic Cathedral in St. Denis, France​​​​​ 13th century CE
​Corinthian Capital favored by the Romans​​​​ 1st century CE
​Giotto's The Lamentation of Christ ​​​​​1310 CE
​Masaccio's The Tribute Money​​​​​​ 1423 CE
​William the Conqueror painting​​​​​​ 1070 CE
​Rosetta Stone--Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, Demotic text, Greek​ 196 CE
​Pericles, Greek King of the Golden Age 370 - 334 BCE​​​4th century BCE
​Hadrian's Wall built by Roman Emperor Hadrian ​​​1st century CE
​Kufic Script from the Qur'an​​​​​​ 7th century CE
​Laocöon, Roman Copy of Original Greek Sculpture​​​ 50 CE