28 terms

7th Grade Constitution Study guide

to approve
a written law
a court's authority to hear and decide cases
judicial review
Supreme Court has the right to to decide whether acts of Congress are constitutional or not
a division of powers between federal and state
limited government
gov. has only the powers that the constitution gives it
Separation of Powers
the principal or system of vesting in separate branches (Leg., Exe., and Jud.,)
Magna Carta
a document accepted by King John of England which contains laws est. the right of English Barons
Bill of Rights
a written list of freedoms that the gov. promises to protect (1st ten amendments of const.)
Electoral College
a group of people named by each state legislature to select the president and vice president
Basic Principles of Government
Popular Sovereignty, Limited Government, Checks and Balances, Federalism, Separation of Powers, Republicanism, and Individual Rights
Articles of Confederation
the first attempt by America at a constitution
House of Representatives
Where a bill is introduced
How can constitution be amended?
2/3 votes of House of Rep. and the Senate or 3/4 of the State Legislature
Why are there 3 branches of government?
to make sure 1 doesn't get too powerful
How does the checks and balances work?
each branch of gov. can limit the actions of the other two and prevents one from getting more powerful than the others
1st amendment
freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition
2nd amendment
Right to bear arms
3rd amendment
No quartering of Soldiers
4th amendment
No unreasonable searches or seizures
5th amendment
rights of people accused of crimes: "Due Process"
6th amendment
right to trial by jury in criminal cases
7th amendment
right to trial by jury in civil cases
8th amendment
forbids excessive bail and cruel or unusual punishment
9th amendment
people's rights are not limited to those listed in the constitution
10th amendment
states or people have all powers not denied or given to federal gov. by the constitution
opening statement of the const. that outlines the goals
articles of the constitution
7 sections that make up the main body of the const.