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  1. dissect
  2. curtail
  3. abate
  4. allotted
  5. convex
  1. a given a task t=or portion; assigned
  2. b to take apart
  3. c to shorten
  4. d to decrease in force
  5. e curved like the outer suface of a globe (opposite of concave)

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  1. expansion; swollen state
  2. to cause a reaction
  3. to scatter; to evaporate; to use up foolishly
  4. side by side; touching
  5. capable of being shaped or persuaded

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  1. ancillarysecondary; additional


  2. culminateto reach the end or highest point


  3. conjoinedcurved like the outer suface of a globe (opposite of concave)


  4. incrementalincreasing in regular, gradual steps


  5. disseminateto spread widely


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