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  1. Cervic/o
  2. Gynaecogenic
  3. Oophorostomy
  4. Salpingocele
  5. Salpingopexy
  1. a Pertaining to woman-forming
  2. b Cervix (neck)
  3. c Fixation of a Fallopian tube (by surgery)
  4. d Opening into an ovary/ formation of an opening into an ovary
  5. e Hernia/ protusion/swelling of Fallopian tube (oviduct)

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  1. mammory gland (breast)
  2. A woman's second pregnancy
  3. Condition of a falling or displaced womb
  4. Placenta
  5. Disease of the vagina

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  1. NeonatalPertaining to new birth


  2. PlacentographyTechnigue of making a breast x-ray


  3. Colp/ovagina


  4. SalpingoplastySurgical repair of the oviduct (Fallopian tube)


  5. Uter/oUterus (womb)