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  1. Mastitis
  2. Lactogenic
  3. Mast/o
  4. Utrerosclerosis
  5. Placenta praevia
  1. a Mammory gland (breast)
  2. b Hardening of the uterus
  3. c Pertaining to the formation of milk
  4. d Condition where placenta forms abnormally across the cervix
  5. e Inflammation of breast (mammory gland)

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  1. Technigue of making an X-ray of the oviduct (Fallopian tube)
  2. Fixation of an ovary
  3. Study of diseases peculiar to women
  4. womb
  5. Softening of the uterus (womb)

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  1. MetrostenosisCondition of narrowed uterus (womb)


  2. AmenorrhoeaDifficult/painful/bad menstruation


  3. SalpingoophoritisSurgical repair of the oviduct (Fallopian tube)


  4. -gravidaA Woman who is pregnant and has had more than two previous pregnancies


  5. Vagin/oVagina