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  1. Endometrium
  2. Oophorostomy
  3. Dysmenorrhoea
  4. Salpingocele
  5. Hysteroptosis
  1. a Lining of the uterus
  2. b Condition of a falling or displaced womb
  3. c Opening into an ovary/ formation of an opening into an ovary
  4. d Hernia/ protusion/swelling of Fallopian tube (oviduct)
  5. e Difficult/painful/bad menstruation

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  1. Egg cell
  2. Abnormal conditioning of the endometrium
  3. Pertaining to before birth
  4. Womb
  5. Perineum

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  1. PrimigravidaA Woman who is pregnant and has had more than two previous pregnancies


  2. SalpingoophoritisCondition of stones in the oviduct (Fallopian tube)


  3. LactogenicPertaining to the formation of milk


  4. -gravidaPregnant


  5. UtrerosclerosisHardening of the uterus


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