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  1. Flushed (increase ovulation by 50%)
  2. 335-342 days
  3. Right
  4. 30-35days
  5. Uterus
  1. a the eggshell is formed in the _____
  2. b before the breeding season, ewes should be _____
  3. c in chickens, the _____ ovary and oviduct degenerate
  4. d nidation is complete _____ days after the cow is fertilized
  5. e average gestation period of a mare

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  1. a young female chicken = _____
  2. an indication of estrus in the mare where the vulva opens and closes is called _____
  3. mating between the male and female chicken is mainly a matter of joining _____
  4. the hormone _____ has been shown to increase milk yield by as much as 20% when injected daily into the cow
  5. when are rams most fertile? Least fertile?

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  1. Fetal membrane slip
    size increase
    miduterine artery
    _____ occurs in about 90% of all heifers and is caused by the breakage of uterine capillaries, which become more fragile with decreasing levels of circulating _____ during the middle of the animal's cycle


  2. Chorionthe sensory and erectile organ of the female is the _____


  3. Urethrathe tube that extends from the bladder to the end of the penis carrying semen and/or urine is the _____


  4. Rectovaginal cervical fixation method_____ is the most common method of artificial insemination in horses and cattle today


  5. 2nd day of heataverage length of the estrous cycle in a cow