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  1. Heifer
  2. Barrow
  3. 35-60
  4. Cervix
  5. Monotocous
  1. a _____ is the anatomical part of the reproductive tract that protects the uterus from infection and passage of foreign material
  2. b a castrated boar
  3. c a young female cow = _____
  4. d a mature ram can handle _____ ewes
  5. e _____ is a term designating animals that usually produce only one offspring at each pregnancy

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  1. the typical stocking rate for cattle
  2. the hormone _____ stimulates mammary duct development
  3. the eggshell is formed in the _____
  4. the sensory and erectile organ of the female is the _____
  5. the pituitary hormone that stimulates ovulation is _____

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  1. Sheep, to super-ovulatewhat is flushing and what animals practice it


  2. ??_____ is the temperature of liquid nitrogen in degrees Celsius


  3. Feb 7a heifer that is bred and who conceives on May 1 should calve on _____


  4. ???the drake-hen ratio should be _____ for breeding


  5. 1:20-30the typical stocking rate for horses