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  1. Cowper's
  2. Polytocous
  3. Recombinant DNA
  4. Feb 7
  5. 22-26
  1. a bovine somatotropin that is used commercially today is made by a process called _____
  2. b a heifer that is bred and who conceives on May 1 should calve on _____
  3. c the _____ is also known as the bulbourethral gland
  4. d puberty in chickens occurs at _____ weeks
  5. e _____ is a term designating litter-bearing animals

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  1. in dairy cows, the hormone _____ is assayed from milk samples for pregnancy diagnosis
  2. _____ is the shell gland in the hen
  3. a doe kid born in the spring will be large enough to breed at _____ months and _____ pounds
  4. the typical stocking rate for goats
  5. the cell formed by the union of a sperm and an ovum is a _____

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  1. 1:10-20the typical stocking rate for horses


  2. Radiographyin chickens, the _____ ovary and oviduct degenerate


  3. 19-25 daysaverage gestation period of a sow


  4. 18-19 hoursroosters produce the highest quality of semen when exposed to _____ hours of light


  5. Chimera_____ is from the Greek word meaning monster, a complex of recombined DNA from more than one animal source making up an entirely different embryo


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