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Wrote Common Sense and The Crisis
Thomas Paine
Phyllis Wheatley
(1753-1784); a slave girl brought to Boston at age eight and never formally educated; she was taken to England when, at twenty years of age, she published a book of verse and later wrote other polished poems that revealed the influence of Alexander Pope
John Adams
2nd president; wife Abigail Adams
Benjamin Franklin
American intellectual, inventor, and politician He helped to negotiate French support for the American Revolution.
To His Excellency General Washington
Phyllis Wheatley
Personified America
The Goddess Columbia In Wheatley's poem, "To His Excellency"
A figure of speech in which an object or animal is given human feelings, thoughts, or attitudes
John Wheatley
Who had purchase the young slave girl, Phillis, in Boston in 1761 ?
Why did Thomas Paine write Common Sense?
to argue that the colonies should separate from Britain
Why was Phyllis Wheatley able to write?
Her owners allowed her an education.
Why types of literature are written during The American Revolution?
persuasive pieces (pamphlets, news, informative)
What analogy is given to "sleep" in An Hymn to an Evening?"
Night's leaden scepter sealed the sable curtains (drowsy eyes)
What is the purpose of the poem, "To His Excellency, General Washington?"
To praise G Washington and defend the American cause