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LEAP Science Hurricane Vocabulary

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A powerful, rotating storm that forms over warm oceans near the equator.
a "hurricane like storm" that forms in the Pacific Ocean
When is the Atlantic hurricane season?
June 1 - November 30
When is typhoon season?
May 15 - November 30
4 Conditions Hurricanes Need to Form:
Low Air Pressure
Warm Temperatures
Moist Ocean Air
Tropical Winds Near The Equator
Stages of a Hurricane
Tropical Wave
Tropical Disturbance
Tropical Depression
What are the conditions needed for a hurricane to end?
hurricane travels over land or cold water
storm's energy source disappears
the calm, roughly circular center of a hurricane
Spiral Bands
Long bands of rain clouds that appear to spiral inward to the eye
Eye Wall
A band of thunderstorms surrounding the eye
Hurricane Watch
Informs public a hurricane is possible within 36 hours in a given area
Hurricane Warning
Informs public a hurricane is expected within 24 hours in a given area.
Hurricanes happen in the _______ and _______.
Summer and Fall
Hurricanes can cause flooding on
rivers and roads
Hurricanes are ______ than tornadoes.
The weather in the eye of a hurricane is ______.
Where do hurricanes start?
Over the ocean
The type water gives a hurricane strength
warm water
Weather Radio
a broadcast service that airs weather reports and emergency information
a device that measures air pressure
A violent rotating windstorm
The time a hurricane first moves over land
Storm Surge
A rise in the ocean level due to storm winds
Category 5
A hurricane with winds from over 155 mph
a scientist who studies the weather

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