Unit 7: Moral Development


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Prosocial behaviour
Voluntary behaviour inteded to benefit another, such as helping, sharing with, and comforting others
An internal regulatory mechanism that increases the individuals ability to conform to standards of conduct accepted in his or her culture
Moral Judgements
Decisions that pertain to issues of right and wrong, fairness, and justice
Social-conventional judgements
Decisions that pertain to customs or regulations intended to secure social coordination and social coordination
Personal Judgements
Decisions that refer to actions in which individual preference are the main consideration
Altruistic Motives
Helping others for reasons that initially include empathy or sympathy for others, and at later stages, the desire to act in ways consistent with ones own conscience and moral principles
Primary Prevention
A program targeting all individuals in a particular setting (such as a school) in order to prevent the occurrence of a problematic behaviour or condition