Wordly Wise - G9 - #2

15 terms by DARosenberg

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n. 1. The highest point; the peak.
2. The point in the sky directly above the observer.


adj. 1. Intensely hot and dry.
2. Burning with passion.


v. To draw a conclusion from given facts.


adj. Full of or accompanied by (usually followed by with)


adj. Hard to explain or impossible to understand.


n. One who falls behind other because of moving slowly or loitering; a straggler.


n. 1. Promptness in responding.
2. Eagerness.


v. To pass over, across, or through.


n. Something that provides nourishment; food needed to live.


n. 1. A large group of people or things.
2. An orderly arrangement or display.
v. 1. To place in order.
2. To dress up.


adj. Marked by lack of plan, order, or direction.


adj. Marked by imagination, resourcefulness, or cleverness.


v. 1. To weigh down or burden.
2. To impede the action of.


adj. Appearing to be present in large numbers or in many different places.


adj. Impossible to dispute; unquestionable.

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