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Lemon Brown Study Guide

A study guide for the Treasure of Lemon Brown.
Done on the spur of the moment; unplanned.
Partly opened.
To jump or leap.
With uncertainty, hesitation, caution.
To begin or start.
Rugged and roughened, typically from old age or work.
Threatening or menacing.
What does Greg learn from Lemon?
He learns that everyone has a treasure.
Who is Jesse?
Jesse is Lemon Brown's son who went to war and was killed, but he protected Lemon's treasure.
What conflict did Greg have with his father?
He was being constantly lectured by his father over getting bad math grades, and he wouldn't let him join the school basketball team.
How did they scare away the thugs?
They made howling noises that scared the thugs away.
What was Lemon Brown's treasure?
His old harmonica and newspaper clippings from when he was a famous musician?
What was the setting?
In Harlem, New York in the past. Likely the 1950's.
What was Lemon Brown's nickname?
He was called Sweet Lemon Brown when he was a famous blues singer.
Where did Lemon Brown used to visit?
When he was a blues singer, he used to visit Mississippi, Monroe, Louisiana, and Macon, Georgia.
Small porch or stairway at the entrance of a building.
A section of New York City, since about 1910, it has been one of the largest African-American communities in the United States.
A small grocery store.
East St. Louis
A city in Southwest Illinois, across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri
What is the Climax of the story?
The part when the thugs burglarized the apartment, and Greg scared them off.
What is the Rising Action of the story?
The part when Greg wants to join the basketball team, and his father lectures him for bad math grades.
What is the Falling Action of the story?
The part when the thugs are scared off and Greg heads home.
What is the resolution of the story?
When Greg thought of the lecture he knew his father would give him and smiled.
What is the point of view of the story?
3rd person view.
Name a dynamic character?
Greg is a dynamic character because he changes at the end.
Name a static character?
Greg's father, because he's always the same.
Name an internal conflict.
Lemon Brown. He lost his son in war, and he gave up on his music.
Name an external conflict.
Lemon Brown vs. the Thugs. The thugs tried to steal Lemon Brown's treasure.
What is the theme of the story?
Everybody has their own treasures, even their garbage is their treasure.
What is the plot of the story?
Greg comes home telling his father he wants to play basketball, his father lectures him for his math grades. He then goes to an abandoned tenement and meets Lemon Brown, Lemon Brown says that everyone has a treasure, thugs who overhear him say that he has a "treasure" try to rob him. Greg scares the thugs away. Lemon Brown reveals his treasure and talks about his son. He goes home ready for a lecture, smiling.