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Torah Champs Book 2 units 63-80

מצוות של פורים
The 4 מצוות of Purim
מצות נר חנוכה
אמירת הלל
What can a man give in front of 2 witnesses to be Mekudash (married)
a contract -שטר
Time alone together -ביאה
Do not live with a woman without marrying her first
מצות פריה ורביה
Have a son and daughter
Write a bill of divorce to end the marriage
Do not marry your divorcee If she was married to another man after you.
מצות יבום
Marry the widow of your brother if he died childless.
‏מצות חליצה
Perform the act of "Chalitzah״ with the widow of your brother who has died childless.
Do not marry anyone else until your brother-in-law has performed חליצה
Judge a man who convinces a girl to live with him without getting married.
The mitzvah for a man who forced a woman to live with him to marry the woman he forced.
The אונס Cannot choose to divorce the girl that he took by force.
דירען מוציא שם
The laws of the Motzei Shem Ra
Do not divorce your wife after you have lied to a בית דין that she lived with another man while she was married to you.
What is a סוטה
A woman whose husband thinks she has been living with another man.
What are the 3 מצות for the סוטה
1. The husband has to bring his wife to the בית המקדש to be tested to see if she is pure or not. She's tested by drinking bitter water that has Hashem's name erased in it. She also must bring a special קרבן with her.
2. The Kohen Who is offering the special קרבן for the סוטה is forbidden to add oil to the קרבן.
3. The kohen is also forbidden to add spices.
The 23 kinds of forbidden relationships
שלא להתחתן בעובדי עבודה זרה
Who a Kohen is not allowed to marry
What are the husbands obligation towards his ?wife
Min Hatorah:
1. To give her food
2. To give her clothing
3. To spend time alone with her
See poctures for the 7 more מדרבנן
A גט must be wriitten:
1. a written document
2. it must say that the husband is divorcing his wife (not the wife divorcing the husband)
3. no conditions
4. I't must be written לשמה (specifically for the women receiving it)
After divorce, can the husband and wife get re-married to each other?
Yes, only if the woman has not married a different man after her divorce