In which direction does air flow according to pressure?
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What type of heat transfer happens when a metal pot is above a burner on a stove?radiation (pot is above burner) or conduction (pot is on burner)What type of heat transfer happens from a metal pot being heated to the liquid in a metal pot?conductionWhat type of heat transfer happens in the liquid in a metal pot that is being heated?convectionIf you place your hand above a campfire, what type(s) of energy transfer is taking place?radiation and convectionWhat are greenhouse gases?gases that can absorb infrared rays and heat upWhat causes the west to east movement of prevailing winds in the United States?the Coriolis effect and high- and low-pressure areas causing convection currentsIn which direction would the prevailing wind move on the surface of the United States if there was no Coriolis effect?The prevailing wind would move south (north to south). Warm air near the equator would rise and form a low-pressure area. Cold air near the North Pole would sink and form a high pressure area. A convection current would form as the air moved from high to low pressure.When energy from the Sun is absorbed by Earth's surface, what happens to the air above it?energy will transfer from Earth's surface to the air particles through conduction that are in contact with the surface and radiation to air particles at a distance