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navigable (river)

Can be used for travel and trade

55 degrees north, 30 degrees west

latitude and longitude

population density map

number of people per square miles


science that studies the artifacts of past civilizations

Western European culture was most influenced by...

Roman Empire


movement of people in search of food and grazing land

Sumerian cuneiform
Egyptian hieroglyphics

Early forms of writing

Five Pillars of Islam

The profession of faith in God
The paying of alms
The Pilgrimage to Mecca

3 religions that originated in Middle East


subsistence farmer

grows food mainly to feed his own family

serfs of the Middle Ages

peasants who were bound to the land and to their lord

Crusades in Europe

free the Holy Land from the Muslims


advanced scientific knowledge and challenged traditional thoughts

Protestant Reformation

sale of indulgences
Martin Luther's 95 Theses

Why were the Spanish able to conquer the Pre-Columbian civilizations??

they had guns, horses and better miltary strategy

What does Industrial Revolution mean?

change in the way goods are produced

European control of large parts of Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries was an example of ...


Which 2 Revolutions most influenced the independence movement of Latin America?

American and French

An example of a capitalist system is

businesses are owned by individuals or corporation

Which mountain range is located along India's northern border?


Main goal of the Boxer Rebellion

to drive foreigners out of China

The goal of the League of Nations and the United Nations was to...

maintain international peace

reunification of Germany, the end of communism in Eastern Europe and the breakup of the Warsaw pact all have to do with...

the end of the Cold War Era


all power in one ruler


military preparation is of primary importance to the state


belief that nations will benefit from focusing on their own goals, rather than collective goals; strong sense of pride in one's nation

Green Revolution

scientific breakthroughs in agriculture

What most influences the economy of the Middle East?

presence of oil

What is one of the main problems in Latin American nations, today?

inequality between poor majority and rich minority

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