21 terms

The Cardiovascular System: The Heart (Bio201)

systemic; pulmonary
The "double pump" function of the heart includes the right side, which serves as the _______
circuit pump, and the left side, which serves as the _________ pump.
right atrium
Blood returning from the systemic circulation first enters what chamber of the heart?
The right ventricle pumps blood where?
left atrium
Blood returning from the lungs enters what chamber of the heart?
systemic circuit
The left ventricle pumps blood where?
tricuspid valve
The atrioventricular valve on the right side of the heart is called what?
between the left atrium and left ventricle
Where is the bicuspid or mitral valve located?
The left and right pulmonary arteries carry blood where?
collect blood
What is the function of an atrium?
The left and right coronary arteries carry blood where?
What is another name for the visceral pericardium?
vena cavae-right atrium-right ventricle-pulmonary trunk-pulmonary veins-left atrium-left ventricle-aorta
What is the correct order for the flow of blood entering from the systemic circulation?
The layer of the heart wall that contains cardiac muscle tissue, blood vessels, and nerves
SA node --> AV node --> AV bundle --> Purkinje fibers.
The correct sequential path of a normal action potential in the heart
Folding of the valves in the wrong direction
SA node
The pacemaker cells of the heart are located where?
ventricular systole (depolarization)
The QRS wave on an ECG tracing represents what?
AV valves
The first heart sound is heard when what valves are closed?
product of heart rate and stroke volume
Cardiac output is equal to what?
What is systole?
What is diastole?