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1. Who is Joseph Asagai?

He is a school friend of Beneatha and an African intellectual.

2. What did Ruth find out at the doctor's office?

She was pregnant.

3. Why is Asagai's present to Beneatha appropriate?

He gave her clothing from Nigeria. She literally gets wrapped up in her current fad. It also foreshadows her putting on a new life.

4. Why is Asagai's nickname appropriate?

It means "One for Whom Bread - Food - Is Not Enough." It is appropriate because he as well as Beneatha and Walter want more from life than just survival. They want a better quality of life.

5. What does Mama say is "dangerous"?

She says it is dangerous "when a man goes outside his home to look for peace."

6. Where did Ruth actually go instead of the doctor's office?

She went to see a woman about having an abortion.

7. Why did Mama call Walter a disgrace to his father's memory?

He had become overly concerned with money and had lost his traditional family values, so much so that he didn't try to convince Ruth not to have an abortion.

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