Metric Mania Science Olympiad


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Liter (tool)
Measured using graduated cylinders
Meter (tool)
Measured using meter stick
Gram (tool)
Measured using triple beam balance
*Celsius (tool)
Measured using Celsius thermometer
Seconds/Minutes (tool)
Measured using stopwatch or clock
Mass (unit)
Measure using Kilograms
Volume (unit)
Measured using liters
Length (unit)
Measured using meters
Time (unit)
Measured using seconds
Temperature (unit)
Measured using *Celsius
equal to 1000
equal to 10
equal to 100
Base Unit
equal to 1
equal to 0.1
equal to 0.01
equal to 0.001
The dip in the water due to surface tension
mass (definition)
how much matter is inside something
volume (definition)
how much space something takes up
length (definition)
how long something is from one point to another
density (definition)
how compact something is; mass divided by volume (m/v)
measuring by multiples of 10 using units m,l,g
Millimeter mm
A metric unit of length equal to 0.001 of a meter.
Centimeter cm
metric unit of length equal to 0.01 of a meter
Milligram mg
metric unit of mass equal to one 0.001 of a gram
Kilogram kg
metric unit of mass equal to 1,000 grams
Milliliter mL
metric unit of volume equal to 0.001 of a liter
Metric Prefixes
used to change the value of the base unit
Kilometer (km)
measurement used for large lengths - NY to LA
Water Displacement Method
Method used to find the volume of an irregularly shaped solid
Length X Width X Height
Formal used to find the volume of a rectangular object
Country that developed the metric system
One ten-millionth the distance from the equator to the north pole on a line through Paris.
1 centimeter cubed
equal to one milliliter

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